Women’s tattoos: Ideas for a woman

Women’s tattos should have personal meaning, be well placed on the body, and of course the artwork must be excellent.

When choosing a tattoo, as a woman, there are many things that you need to consider. Women’s bodies tend to be smaller, which has a major impact on size and placement. A large piece with fine detail may not reduce well to the size required to fit the desired body part. Consider the clothing that you wear most often, when deciding where to put your tattoo. A tattoo on your thigh or breast may look great when you are naked, but it will just look like a little blob on your skin next to your hemline if your clothes partially cover it.

Butterflies, fairies, and flowers are common themes for women, and some of them are very nice, but there is no reason to believe that a well rendered Grim Reaper or flaming skulls cannot be feminine or tasteful. If you truly feel that your only choices are roses and sweet things because you are female, then you are probably not a good candidate for a tattoo in the first place. That is too close to the school of thought that says that women should not have tattoos at all, and as you get older you will probably come to regret it. Now, if you are crazy about tattoos, but all of your personal stationary just happens to be adorned with hearts and hummingbirds, then go for it.
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First and foremost a tattoo should be very personal, meaningful, and something you want to look at everyday for the rest of your life. Rather than simply walking into a tattoo shop and thumbing through pages of flash, think about yourself and your life. What symbols do you identify with? Favorite animals, important events, hobbies and activities, people you respect or admire, and artwork which you enjoy are all good places to start. Where you come from or what you do in life, can be a source of inspiration for your tattoo.

When shopping for a tattoo always look at the tattoo artist’s portfolio. Never be afraid to sit down with the artist and discuss your ideas. Once you have come up with the basic theme you can let your artist know where you want it, and what you have in mind, and asked him/her to draw something up for you that will fit that area of your body and be unique. Personal artwork or photographs can be modified into a tattoo. You may find the piece that you want in a magazine, calendar, or your favorite album cover. It is best to stay away from people’s names unless they are your children, relatives, or pets.

Remember that your tattoo says something about who you are. Never let another person make the decision for you. Boyfriends, husbands, and relatives may want to alter your selection of subject matter, size, or placement. It is your body and it is going to be with you forever. You must be confident that you have chosen the tattoo that you truly want, not what someone else wants for you, and not a compromise between the two. Take your time in choosing your piece. Some artists recommend hanging the artwork somewhere that you will have to look at it often for a month or two before getting it on your body.

Keep your mind open to unlikely sources for subject matter, choose something that is meaningful, unique, and attractive, shop carefully for a good tattoo artist, and you will have a permanent piece of artwork which you will treasure and be proud of for the rest of your life.

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