Winters- a period of fun time with family!

Winter brings some of the craziest things with it. Whether it is about sliding on the soft creamy patches of snow, or it is about making a snow man while using a carrot as its nose, winter is nothing other than fun and enjoyment.

winter lifestyle Winters  a period of fun time with family!

winter lifestyle

In the present era, most of the Canadian children are not taking benefits from the joys of winters. Ahh! My sympathies are with you poor babies! The reason which has been stated behind their no enjoying the winters is the fear of their parents. Most of the Canadian children sit inside the house during snowfalls; therefore, they cannot enjoy making snow forts and sliding on the snowy patches.

I am in a great shock by reviewing some surveys regarding child health in Canada, which state that majority of the Canadian children spend majority of their time watching TV, or playing video games in their houses. The outdoor activities like skating and skiing only can be enjoyed only via video games. Poor kids!

I just wonder why one should be kept away from the fun and enjoyments of the life? I mean, that’s why we are here living our lives; for exploring and appreciating the beauty of the nature. Life is for living up, not for winding up everything in a small box. I wish my piece of philosophy clears the minds of fearful parents who do not let their children go out of their houses in winters.

In fact, the best thing for reducing the insecurity of such parents is that they must get along with their children as well. Fun remains incomplete if the loved ones are missing, so my advice to all the parents will be to have fun and let your children enjoy and experience the wonders of nature.

Go out with your kids, play with snow, take them for skiing and skating; that’s how they will learn. Watching the world from a glass window of your house will not only deprive your child from natural beauty, but will also lead to confidence deficiency as well.

If you will let them live their lives in their childhood, you will definitely see a smile on their face whenever they will remember their old day’s memories in front of you!



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