Why Does The World Need Fashion?

Human beings are perhaps the sole creatures on the earth with the capability to make their own flairs in terms of fashion. You may not see similar forms of inventive concepts coming back from the other creature within the world. That’s the only reason that humans became masters at painting, design, and managing individuals via civic comes. Of course, it does not take a lot of time and effort to envision why this could have an awfully positive result on the earth.

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At some point of time in the past million years, when humans determined to begin covering their bodies with wear that they created. Of course, the inventive facet of our personalities took over, and that we currently live in a world that’s packed with diversity when it comes to clothing. Fashion is the name that we usually give to the art of designing and styling clothes.

There are varied fashion norms around the world for-instance when you talk about Middle-Eastern fashion especially Lebanon. There was a time when Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, was known as the Paris of the Middle East, due to a population that revels in a lifestyle of cultural intricacy. The Lebanese people places special importance to apparel, in the meantime usually a person’s form of dress point out his or her status in society. In addition, Lebanon is a highly culturally and political diverse society, so clothing is used to indicate one’s religious and political affiliation.

The new fashion

Lebanese people portrays self-expression with the dressing styles depending on their affiliation will either wear Western clothing or more traditional Middle Eastern dresses. Jeans, dress slacks, and dress pants are more apparel among the male population.

Dress wear for ladies relies on their religious and cultural affiliation, with some ladies wearing the normal Abaya whereas other like to go for European tailored fashions in terms of outfits. Most of the people living in Lebanon is Christian, Druze, or Muslim, and can wear attire according to their religious sensitivities. Due to the terrain, and the location of Lebanon, its winter is cold enough for snow, and its summer may be quite hot, requiring winter attire like jackets and coats, and shorts and t-shirts for the warmer months. The common Lebanese citizen earns $15,000 a year, though this figure may be well higher in capital of Lebanon, where several international firms, banks, and importers are located.

Preferences for Western brands are prevailing among the 35 and below cohort; however their buying power limit may be restricted by their economic resources. Customers in the thirty five and over class would preferably go for more elegant wears like business suits and social dresses. Most town dwellers, who on the average earn more that their coastal and southern peers, will purchase the same brand names that are featured in Yankee and European shopping malls. There are also renowned Lebanese designers such as Sam Hourani and Nidal Zihar who enjoy a strong following of the customers.

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