White City Tel Aviv – Fantasy Personified

The topmost news about the Tel Aviv observed an ultra-modern and super luxurious residential high rise almost on the verge of completion. It is situated in the heart of Neve Zedek and named as White City Tel Aviv.

White City Tel Aviv – Fantasy Personified

It is one of the most prestigious production of world in term of architecture. The people can experience newest vision of Tel Aviv through this top of the line residential project which is currently under the construction in the fashionable hub of city.

White city is the lavish and a profligate pavillon of penthouse-boutique that would add charm to the city of Tel Aviv. The Mediterranean Sea that makes it way by the side of the city is catchy. In amidst of red roofed houses on Neve Tsedek the place looks outlandish. Mesh up of contemporary and antique architectural style shows it as a jewel of Tel Aviv. The beaches in premises would never let your eyes go off it. This regal new urban pivot would be connected to all avenues to make it suitably accessible. Let alone the nearness to the roads, comfy cafes and stylish boutiques push you taking a sneak peak of it.

White City Tel Aviv White City Tel Aviv   Fantasy Personified

See View from your penthouse at White City Tel Aviv (212) 796-4115

Image 9 White City Tel Aviv   Fantasy Personified

(212) 796-4115

The 10 meter long foyer greets you cordially. Cozy and commodious rooms, fitted out conference rooms are the eminence of White City. All this has been carved out of the creative and brilliant minds of proficients. Recreational areas contain on aqua colored water pools. To refute the lethargy spas, saunas and gyms are set as a part of it. The epic of the building covered in misty skies goes beyond the human captivations. Well lit rooms filled with the warmth of sunlight makes you go enthralled and gives you the exact domestic feeling.
Apartments facing to the north west let us set the scenery of magnificent coast guard 24/7. And the flats facing south west show the coast line Yafo bay and night Neve Tsedek. Sun goes down and leaves its spirit in the city of Tel Aviv and White City is the center of gravity to it. Near bys include museum, man auditorium, Suzan Dalal center and some of the outstanding euphony clubs to comfort your nerves. And the residents of White City are at arm’s length to all these tempts. The top of the building could be said the top of one’s dreams.
Artistic touch the exotic perfection has been given to White house by Armani Casa. Armani Casa furniture articles please the hearts of residents. Astonishing beaut and visuals compel you visiting the man made paradise. Open up the window and capture the stretched out Tel Aviv in your eyes and recollections and the feel of endearing winds. And when you would set off a chapter of the dreams would get to the end.

White City Tel Aviv – World Cultural Heritage

In Israel, Tel Aviv has a great concentration of International or Bauhaus style buildings in world. White city in Tel Aviv refers to a collection of International style building built by German Jewish architects.
White city has become internationally famous after been rewarded by UNESCO. It has been named for the beautiful architectural designs and the implementations. Tel Aviv‘s official website has been declared as “world cultural heritage site”.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization declared White City a World Cultural heritage site, as an outstanding example of new town planning and architecture in the early 20th century. As per the reports, it has been completed up to almost sixty percent of its work.

Penthouse Boutique In Neve Tzedek at White City tel aviv.

From the penthouses by Armani Casa they will be able to feast their eyes with breathtaking view of the city. By the classy lobby and lounge they will be able to exit directly onto the authentic Carmel Market and it lead to spectacular beach promenade and colorful authentic Neve Tzedek quarter.

Israel White City Tel Aviv   Fantasy Personified

Carmel Market White City Tel Aviv

According to the reports the project will be completing its first quarter by year of 2014. This residential building will be giving space to about one hundred and seventy seven domicile. The residents will be blessed with the magnificent view of Mediterranean sea. The new type of penthouse has been known as “Penthouse Boutique”.

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