Which is better – live or silk wedding flowers? How to choose

Wedding flowers: silk vs. live

When it comes to weddings the number of choices that must be made can be staggering. Among these is the choice to use live or silk flowers. Is one better than the other? Can one have beautiful silk wedding flowers? Obviously beautiful arrangements can be created from what nature gave us. But don’t disregard silk flowers just because the idea of silk flowers conjures up images of cheesy office décor or worse, funeral flowers. Live and silk flowers each have their advantages.

Using live flowers can be great. They are beautiful, have wonderful aromas, and can be preserved. They can also be very expensive if not in season. An experienced florist can help to guide you in choosing the best live flower options for your ceremony and reception site. She can also give great advice on choosing the best selections if price is a factor. If you have your heart set on live flowers but price is a factor or you are a creative type or have a creative friend, is to create your own arrangements. Use flowers from your local supermarket or co-op club store. Many supermarkets have great floral departments! One can purchase beautiful flowers for little money. A bit of floral tape, some ribbon and a little creativity can create a truly beautiful bouquet. If choosing this option, it is best to create your arrangements only one or two days in advance and refrigerate until the big day. Your local craft or hobby supply store also sells many invaluable tools for creating gorgeous arrangements. The public library has many books on flower arranging for the inexperienced in this field. Of course do not overlook your creative friends in this process. A bride has so many tasks on her mind that she may not have the time for a project like this. Many times more creative friends and family love to help! Just make sure that you give your helpers a strong idea of what type of look you want. There is nothing worse than having Aunt Helen create a truly hideous bridal bouquet and think it is a work of art!

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Wedding flowers: silk vs. live

Silk flowers have had a bad rap. There are so many great selections of silk flowers these days that it can boggle the mind. If it is found in nature, chances are there is a beautiful man made version too. Silk flowers have many advantages. If done properly, they can be as beautiful as live flowers. No, they do not have the scent of the real thing but they last indefinitely with proper care. They can also be less expensive than live flowers. You can choose the flowers that you love regardless of season. There is no worry about silk arrangements wilting under the heat of an outdoor June wedding.

The key to having a beautiful silk arrangement is to choose your flowers with care. Choose blooms that look real. This can be anything from daffodils to more elaborate roses with “dew”. Use vivid colors for the best arrangement. The biggest flaw in creating silk arrangements is the use of flowers that are so very obviously artificial. Unnatural colors can make for a cheesy looking arrangement unless done by someone very experienced with flowers or color. A good florist can create wonderful artificial arrangements. She can advise on the best types of flowers to use for your theme or color scheme. Crafty brides or cost conscious brides can be especially creative with silk flowers. The local crafts or hobby store will have all of the floral supplies needed for wedding arrangements. One can purchase everything from individual flowers and bouquet holders to more elaborate arbors or arches. Velvet flowers can be purchased most places that silk flowers are sold. Velvet roses look incredibly real and hold their shape very well.

Determine your color scheme or wedding theme – your flowers will be a huge part of your wedding and can significantly influence the atmosphere. For example, a Renaissance wedding could use a lot of ivy, as well as rosemary, berries, or fruits. These could be done in either live flowers or silk though I would recommend artificial berries and fruit for a bouquet. A beach side wedding could theoretically use either type, although live flowers would work best in a bride’s hair or around her neck. Not to mention that live flowers would add a lovely scent to a beach wedding. If roses are your passion, then you are in luck! You can create a lovely bouquet from live or artificial flowers.

No matter what type of flowers you choose, the important thing is to be true to the vision that you have for your wedding. Go with what you want and what reflects you as a couple. After all, this is your day and it should be as unique as your love for each other.

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