Weddings: Gift ideas for bridesmaids

Great gift ideas for bridesmaids at your wedding.

One of the die-hard traditions of planning a wedding is providing gifts for the members of the wedding party. Brides and grooms have been giving these expressions of thanks to those who participate in the ceremony for generations. Since choreographing the perfect wedding is a challenge in itself, the last thing a bride should have to fret over is what to give to her bridesmaids. Let’s explore some gift giving ideas which can be found in gift shops, specialty catalogues or through online merchants for just such an occasion.

Providing a birthstone pendant for each of the bridesmaids gives the bride an opportunity to personalize the gifts. Necklaces are appropriate for all women, regardless of their size or age, and the inclusion of their particular birthstone expresses thoughtful appreciation for the role that they played in helping to make the ceremony a success.

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Weddings: Gift ideas for bridesmaids

Antique-style hand mirrors make beautiful gifts for those special members of the wedding party. These are often sterling silver and can be very ornate in their design. Some styles will include a matching comb or brush for an absolutely lovely presentation. Depending upon the personalities of the bridesmaids, these might be purchased in various designs so that each one is unique, or all the same design if there’s a tendency to be competitive. The last thing the bride wants is to have discord on the most important day of her life!
Another way for the bride to provide personalized gifts is to purchase charm bracelets, complete with a single charm on each one. These can be initials representing the first name of the bridesmaid – some of them include diamond chips or birthstones. Depending upon the bride’s budget constraints, there’s a lot of room for flexibility in this area.

Express your true feelings for each of your bridesmaids with a message in a bottle. These can be ordered or put together at home, and will provide the members of the wedding party with a personal expression of thanks for their participation in the wedding. This gift includes a translucent narrow-necked bottle (matching the color theme of the ceremony) which contains a beautifully written message on a scroll or piece of parchment. What lovely keepsakes for the recipients!

Silver checkbook covers make nice gifts, as well, and can be rather plain in design or very ornate, depending upon the particular style that the bride prefers and what’s within the budgetary guidelines. These can also be personalized with the names of the bridesmaids on the outer cover of each one.

If the bridesmaids have pierced ears, single pearl earrings are a lovely way to say “thank you”. Certainly, this concept would work for clip-on earrings, but may be much harder to obtain. A side benefit to this type of gift is that they can be worn to work or for other occasions long after the wedding is over.

Monogrammed handkerchiefs were often given to bridesmaids not so many years ago, and still make very pretty gifts. Complete with decorator boxes, these can be saved as keepsakes of that very special day and might even be used as showpieces on a table or chest in the bridesmaids’ homes.

Show your thanks to the members of the wedding party with a crystal bud vase. This timeless gift can be used time and again to hold a single blossom, and serve as a decorator item when it’s not in use. Some merchants offer the opportunity for personalization by including the name of the bridesmaid or the names and wedding date of the bride and groom.

For something a bit out of the ordinary, present each bridesmaid with a gift certificate to a local spa for a day of pampering at some point after the wedding. This is a great way to provide a relaxing day for them, after the many fittings and rehearsals that they endured, as well as the anticipation of the ceremony itself. Your bridesmaids will love you for it!

Satin purses that complement the wedding’s color scheme can be used on the day of the wedding so that bridesmaids have a place to keep their essentials, and can be used for future social events, as well. For personalization, the bride can have each purse monogrammed with the bridesmaid’s initial, but a plain purse is just as elegant and less costly.

Sachet sets will also be appreciated by the members of the wedding party. These can be purchased to match the wedding colors or in white lace. Depending upon the flowers that were used in the bride’s bouquet, sachets with similar flowers may be found, making a perfect complement to the ceremony.

For more gift ideas – or for assistance with gift purchases – contact a bridal or gift consultant in your area. There are a great many gifts from which to choose, both traditional and contemporary.

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