Wedding planning: Theme and location ideas for a simple wedding

What is the key to throwing a simple wedding? As long as the guest list is not extensive, then a simple location and theme and the right reception venue can all add up to memorable experience for everyone.
The wedding: some say it’s the crowning moment in a young couple’s life. It’s the moment when their families, their governments, and their God all agree to begin referring to them as a unit, to begin thinking of them not only as man and woman, but as husband and wife. An important step, yes. But does it have to be a complicated one? With today’s busy lifestyle, what couple has the time or money to devote to planning out intricate, million-dollar wedding schemes?

That doesn’t mean, though, that a couple should ditch the bouquet and the tuxedo. There are lots of options for couples who desire simpler, more intimate affairs as opposed to large, gaudy ones. The keys to any wedding, but especially a simple one, are these: location, entertainment, and theme.

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Wedding planning: Theme and location ideas for a simple wedding

If you’re shooting for a simpler affair, it’s already assumed that your guest list is going to have been pared down to the bare minimum. Nothing is simple when there are 3,000 people to greet, feed, and entertain. Thus, with the number of guests having been limited, you are free to choose a smaller venue and more intimate environment. If you are particularly religious, or have a favorite small religious community that you’re tied to, a local church can provide a warm, suitable atmosphere for the classic wedding. If this isn’t an option, look to other locations around the area. Did you have a favorite park to visit in the spring? Do you have fond memories of a specific picturesque view? Outdoor weddings are a favorite of couples marrying in the spring or autumn, though the summertime, while beautiful for a short period, could prove to be stifling if the ceremony runs any longer than planned. A nice yard or a local park could be the perfect backdrop for simple spring nuptials.

Once you’ve tied the knot, however, there is the issue of feeding and celebrating with your guests. Since there won’t be a huge swarm of people, why not order a simple catered lunch of brunch at the house of the mother of the bride? Not only will she get to show off her new son-in-law, but it will be comfortable place for the bride and groom to chat with guests and receive congratulations. If that’s not an option, try a local restaurant or tavern. Most facilities are equipped with banquet halls and side rooms for smaller parties and receptions; there’s no need to rent out the entire place. Or, as an even simpler option; what could compliment a small outdoor wedding better than a chilled picnic meal? Aside from the bride and groom getting grass stains, everyone in the party would surely enjoy relaxing on a warm day after watching a beautiful, simple service.

If you’re going to throw a simple wedding, it would be silly to try and implement and elaborate theme. Nor does one want to end up being vague and cliché; themes like “Timeless Love” or something equally overdone tells guests that not much effort was put into the affair. Why not choose something specific to you as a couple? If you met at college, for instance, why not throw a wedding with a light, playful school time theme? Or, for an artistic couple, try throwing a watercolor wedding, using the pale colors and home-made quaintness of the medium to your advantage. Even the most mismatched couple in the world has something in common.
There’s no way to throw a wedding that is not a big deal. The nature of a wedding is to be a milestone, to be a day of celebration, one that often only happens once in a person’s lifetime. However, with the right mindset and a small group of family and friends, a wedding can be more than just memorable: it can be simple, it can be classic, and it can be easy as cutting the cake.

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