Wedding planning: Theme and location ideas for a cinderella wedding

Here are some odeas for your traditional and not so traditional Cinderella wedding.

So, you have met Prince Charming and you are ready for your real life Cinderella wedding. I think many brides have dreamed about a fairy tale wedding at some point in their lives. If you are one of those women, I have some ideas and themes for just such a wedding.

A major component of a Cinderella wedding is the location. The location sets the mood and provides the feel of the wedding. However, the main component of a Fairy Tale wedding is true love, and your wedding should always be an expression of your unique love story. Here are some location ideas for your Cinderella wedding, as well as some ideas to help draw in your own personal love story.

Castle – Cinderella marries a Prince and royalty lives in Castles, so having a Cinderella wedding in a Castle is one idea. If your budget for your wedding is large then you can find a historic castle in Scotland, Ireland or England that would suit wonderfully well. This will play beautifully to the mood/theme of the wedding. Your guests would be enchanted even more by being in a foreign country (if you are not from that area), or historic location, almost transported back in time to live for a moment as royalty. If you are from the United States, this would be an enormously expensive wedding, especially if you paid for or helped to pay for the plane tickets for your wedding party or guests.
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However if you are on a budget then there are several castles throughout the United States that would provide the setting for a perfect Cinderella wedding. The Cloisters in Maryland is an example. The Castle at Maryvale is another example. Both castles are reasonably priced and wonderfully designed. They provide the same old world fairytale feel as a European castle while giving those of us the United States a taste of royal living on a modest budget.

Another good Castle idea location is the Cinderella castle at Disneyworld. With the Cinderella castle as your backdrop, this really is a good Cinderella wedding. (Disney also has other locations idea within their park, which could provide for a beautiful Fairy Tale wedding.)

With all of these castle weddings you can go back in time and have your attire and theme mimic old world styles, or you can have a modern day princess theme. Use the beauty of the castle as your inspiration. Beginning with your invitations, you can develop your fairytale theme. Have your invitations hand written by a calligraphist. On the other hand, if you are ordering your invitations from a catalog (or on-line) pick an old world font. Use formal language and be eloquent. For the actual wedding, you can rent a horse drawn carriage to arrive and leave in. You can have a stringed ensemble to provide the music for the ceremony and reception. Have a sit down dinner with a classic cake for desert. Use your love story for inspiration. If you had a specific dinner when you met or when you were engaged, you can use that for your dinner. A specific song, theme, color, or anything that is specific to your love story can help to make your wedding perfect for you.

Country Club – There are beautiful country clubs in almost every city throughout the United States. Many have grand entrances reminiscent of a Cinderella Castle. Again, with these locations you can go with an old world Cinderella theme or a modern elegant theme. You can use a horse drawn carriage, old car or new sports car for your ride off into the sunset, depending on which theme you decide fits your love story best. This location would provide beautiful grounds for your fairy tale wedding. This is especially a good idea if you or your betrothed love golf, or met at a country club.

Chateaus – There are several Chateaus that offer beautiful grounds and facilities, which would serve well for a Cinderella wedding. The Red Rock Chateau in southern California is a beautiful example. Many houses have the fairy tale feel necessary for your Cinderella wedding. Explore the grounds and sites at each place. Can you envision a scene from a romantic movie? Is it breath taking? Is it beautiful? If so then it should be perfect for your wedding.

Modern Cinderella Theme – If you have seen the modern Cinderella movie with Brandy then you have an idea of what I am talking about. This setting is colorful, bright, sunny and lively. There is a museum in Baltimore called the Love museum that would be a perfect setting. This is a whimsical wedding. The dress does not have to be the traditional white or off-white. Bright colors are perfect here, which symbolize the brightness of your love, the energy of your life and gives a glimpse of your future.

A Cinderella wedding is as much about true love and finding your special person as it is about a specific setting. So if your special love story involves a specific place, location or idea go with that. You can develop you own special “Cinderella” wedding specific to you. Talk with your fiancé and decide what type of wedding would best suit your love story and develop your “Cinderella” wedding around that. Have fun and remember to use your imagination.

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