Wedding planning: How to save money on flowers

Flowers, though beautiful, can hog up a huge portion of a wedding’s budget. These helpful hints will save you money.

Flowers provide your wedding with atmosphere, charm and festivity but they sure can put a damper on your budget. Save money on flowers by following these helpful hints.

Choose cheap flowers:
Florists know cheap flowers, so be up front with your florist from the beginning. Don’t worry about coming across as cheap; florists work with people on all kinds of budgets all of the time. If you say outright that you can only afford $800 for both ceremony and reception flowers the florist will know what to steer clear of. As any florist knows, the cheapest flowers are those in season at the time of your wedding. He will know not to guide you toward spring flowers if your wedding is going to be in the dead of winter.

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Wedding planning: How to save money on flowers

Any experienced florist will know how to design a big and beautiful bouquet even when he is on a tight budget. Making a bouquet from only one type of flower can really save money. Wholesale flowers are usually sold in bunches. This means that if you planned on having ten different kinds of flowers in one bouquet, the florist might end up with leftovers, which just wastes your money. Another way to get a dramatic bouquet is to make it only out of flowers that produce oversized blooms, such as sunflowers and hydrangeas. The bigger the bloom is, the smaller the stem count has to be to get the desired effect, and of course the fewer flowers you have to buy, the cheaper it is for you. An arrangement can also be designed economically by using lots of cheap by dramatic fillers, such as baby fruits or lush greenery. Ribbons can provide another cheap but adorable filler in a bouquet. It can be strung all through the bouquet and it can be used as a tie to hold it all together.

The flowers used at the ceremony can be transported to the reception site and reused as decoration there. Of course, for that, the florist or transporter would need to beat the rest of the crowd to the reception site and have a quick way of re-arranging the flowers according to the reception plans. If you do reuse flowers from the ceremony, don’t depend on them entirely; use mainly different arrangements at the reception. But petals from the ceremony flowers can be spread down the center of the table or be put afloat in a glass bowl of votive candles. None of the guests will be the wiser.

Keep an open mind:
Above all, it is important that you don’t go into the florist’s shop with your mind already set on a certain type of flower. The exotic blooms you came across in a bridal magazine might be out-of-this-world expensive. Instead, go to your florist with a definite color scheme (red) and theme (passion). That way, the florist can steer you in the direction of seasonal and cheap flowers that still provide you with the overall look you desire.

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