Wedding planning: Free funny best man speech ideas and samples

Giving an amusing best man speech is simple with these easy steps, ideas, and sample.

One of the most feared things in any man’s life is the dreaded question, “Will you be my best man?” Not because of the wedding, the bachelor party, or losing your best single pal – rather because of the commitment you are making, to toast the happy couple. Too often the best man feels the need to be somber at this task and the emotion rings false since the relationship he has forged with the couple is not a somber one. So for all those clowns and goofballs soon to be raising a glass to their friends, here are seven easy steps to follow when giving a funny best man’s speech.

1. Keep it Short!!!!! This can’t be emphasized enough. You may have a great tale of the funniest 48 hours you spent with the groom, but unless you can shrink it to 2-3 minutes don’t share it.

2. Keep it in Good Taste. Funny shouldn’t cause one of those uncomfortable Wonder Year’s silences when everyone tries to look the other way and slowly duck under the table. Instead, focus on a quirk or some small amusing element.

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Wedding planning: Free funny best man speech ideas and samples

3. Timing is Everything. The best man’s speech should always be timed properly, but even more so when giving the amusing variety. Make sure that the reception has been going on for a while – if a dinner is being given, most of the guests should have finished – and that this is before the cake is cut and bouquet is thrown, typically the last hurrahs before the happy couple rushes off.

4. Let someone else be funny. Find a quote, a musical refrain, or a catchphrase to add the comic edge. This keeps the speech light, but takes the pressure off you to suddenly be a comedy writer.

5. Keep it real. You are just telling two of your best friends how happy you are on this occasion. Your speech isn’t the focus and your job as a stand-up isn’t depending on this moment.

6. Go with what you know. If all else fails a simple “Here’s to You” always works and is appropriate.

7. Follow the Formula. Whatever route you go a simple outline always helps. That outline should be:

I. Why you are there (When John and Bitsy invited me to the wedding….)

II. What you want to say (I never thought he would tie the knot – it was the one patch he never mastered in boy scouts..)

III. What you really mean (But they did it, and today they are the luckiest couple in the world – just hope it wasn’t a slip knot)

IV. Close the toast (So join me in raising a glass to John and Bitsy and wishing them well in all to come.)

Just remember, you were asked to serve as best man because of the importance you serve in the new couple’s life, not for your speaking skills. The key thing is for you to support the couple and wish them the best. Follow these simple steps and your worst fear can be conquered.

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