Wedding planning: 10 money saving tips

Even after wedding contracts have been signed, you might have a way out. Take these money saving tips all the way to the bank.

Sometimes the costs of a wedding can creep up one by one and before you know it, you’re way over budget. But contracts have already been signed, agreements made, and everything is already in motion. It isn’t necessary to resign to paying more than what you can afford because it’s not too late to make some changes. Here are ten money saving tips that can help you stay out of monstrous debt before you get too far into it.

To begin, you and your fiancé need to go over all of the charges from each vendor together and decide what can be whittled down. Chances are, you’ve agreed to pay for a little something extra with each vendor that the guests won’t miss if it gets cut. Don’t know what to cut out?

Start with the caterers:

Wedding planning 10 money saving tips 300x225 Wedding planning: 10 money saving tips

Wedding planning: 10 money saving tips

1) You are already paying an arm and a leg for wedding cake so you really don’t need the caterers to make and serve a different dessert. If you have mini tarts and chocolate fondue on the menu politely explain to the caterers that you have backed yourselves into a financial corner and you need to cut back. Most caterers will be understanding.

2) There is nothing wrong with skipping a course. Appetizers are small and therefore sometimes labor intensive. Start your course with mixed greens or a vegetable salad and skip the appetizer round altogether. No one will be the wiser.

3) Without actually changing the drink menu, you can still request that the caterers downgrade from using top-shelf alcohol to an inexpensive brand. Once the other fruits and flavors are mixed into the drink, no one will be able to tell that their drink was made with cheap liquor. You can also reduce the number of drinks being served and keep plenty of soda and water on hand. To really limit drinks, have caterers ask before refilling a glass. Every time someone says no they save you a few bucks.

Cut back on photography:

4) You still want high quality photos, so keep the photographer. Instead of asking her to stick around until the end of the night, you can have her leave after the last significant event has taken place, whether it be the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, or the first dance.

5) Ask the photographer if you can keep some of the negatives. This way you can have reprints made for the family at Wal-Mart.

6) Only hand out disposable cameras to people who know what types of pictures you are looking for, such as your parents and honor attendants. You’ll save money at the time of purchase and on film processing.

7) See if you can cancel a contract with an expensive videographer and instead rent a video camera for less than $50 and have trusted friends of family video the event for you.

Use less paper:

8) Keep your invitations down to one page, leave out enclosure cards and ask that invitees respond by phone or email. Keep a cheap notepad handy by each phone and computer in the house and office to jot down the name of anyone who replies. Compile a list of replies accurately so you have the correct headcount for caterers.

9) Save printing costs, make your own programs.

10) Address the invitations yourself. If it’s a formal affair buy your own calligraphy pen from a craft store. If it’s informal, just address them as usual.

Remember that none of these vendors are required to change the contract, so ask politely and agree to work with them however you can to help make this work. The sweeter you are, the more willing they will be to oblige.

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