Wedding ideas: Release doves at your wedding (and is it practical?)

Advice on the release of doves on your wedding day.

Deciding to have a dove release at your wedding is a very good decision. A dove release is practical and simultaneously beautiful.

Everyone has bubbles or birdseed after their wedding ceremony, as they are greeted as husband and wife, but having a dove release at your wedding is unique. Most dove release experts will come to any church or ceremony site; as long as the release site is outside and there is no cold or inclement weather.

When searching for a dove release expert, be sure to check out how much you are willing to spend, according to your budget and then begin to locate that local expert. Much to my delight, as I did the research on dove experts, I found that they are not as expensive as I originally thought. A dove release can be an affordable addition to your special day.

Wedding ideas Release doves at your wedding 300x300 Wedding ideas: Release doves at your wedding (and is it practical?)

Wedding ideas: Release doves at your wedding (and is it practical?)

In my local area, one dove release expert I found serves the area of SE Pennsylvania, Allentown and up to the Poconos. To hold a dove release, this expert charges $200; his rate is $300 if travel is involved on the day of the ceremony, i.e., driving one hour to the ceremony site. That price includes as many practice sessions as the bride and groom might need. There is also a $100 deposit required to reserve a wedding date. The balance of the account has to be paid no later than two weeks prior to the wedding date.

One month prior to the wedding, the dove release expert I found requests his clients to visit his lofts and meet with him to have a practice session. For anyone who is holding a dove release at their wedding, I would highly recommend having a practice session, especially if you’ve never handled birds before. You may be a little worried prior to your visit, but it is a necessary part of your wedding planning process as the practice will prepare you for the actual dove release. A good expert will be a great teacher and explain the proper way to hold the doves and allow you both to practice releasing the doves quite a few times.

There is a business professional society for white dove release loft owners. This was news to me as I did my research, but it was refreshing to know that there are standards to be upheld and a system to protect consumers. You can visit the website of The White Dove Release Professionals’ society at

While I was researching for dove release experts, I did find many other owners of lofts. The price range for a dove release is between $125 and $400, the higher amounts are dependent on travel times or distance. Doing a simple search on the Internet is a great way to find such lofts and if you want to check the owner’s credibility, you can visit the White Dove Release Professional society’s website and check if the owner of the loft is a member.

The Doves released at a wedding create a beautiful sight and add to the atmosphere of your special day in a very unique way. Doves are a symbol of peace and they mate for life; when you take those two aspects and weigh them with the minimal cost for a lovely addition to your ceremony, then you’ll see that a dove release is a very practical ending to your fairy tale wedding ceremony.

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