Wedding flowers: White vs colored daisies

White vs colored daisies, in the popular debate of which is the best wedding flower.

Daisies are a wonderful flower to use at a wedding. A perennial favorite of many brides, daisies are affordable, because they are available year-round, and according to tradition, daisies symbolized gentleness, innocence, loyalty and romance. They are also considered a very happy flower, with their bright yellow centers surrounded by lovely outward spreading petals. But should you have white daisies or colored daisies for your wedding?

This, of course, depends the style and/or theme of your wedding. Having an all-white bouquet is simple, classic and elegant. White daisies are beautiful in a mixed bouquet of other white flowers or by themselves. Many brides choose to have an all-white bouquet and add touches of color to their wedding elsewhere, such as with the bridesmaid dresses, reception flowers and decorations, etc.
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Colored daisies are also gorgeous in the bridal bouquet. Colored daisies come in a variety of shades, including pink, bronze, yellow, lavender, purple and orange. Colored daisies can be mixed and matched with other flowers for a vibrant, striking bouquet that will make for beautiful pictures and a blaze of color against your wedding dress. Whichever you choose, white or colored, make sure that they echo the style and theme of your wedding, and match what you have in mind.

The cost of flowers for your wedding is usually 6-8% of your wedding budget. The good news about daisies is that they are relatively inexpensive since they are available year round. If you want to include some more expensive flowers in your bouquet or other floral decorations, daisies can be an inexpensive filler flower as well. Another decision about flowers is whether to go with silk or fresh flowers. Silk flowers tend to less expensive, are very realistic these days, they arrange easily and you can use flowers that are out of season. Fresh flowers, however, are gorgeous, smell heavenly, and can be preserved by a professional after your wedding. Daisies are not an overly fragile fresh flower, and generally arrange well and look good for several days.

When you have made a decision about flowers, you need to have several consultations with your florist. Ask around for recommendations from other brides or family members. The first consultation should take place at least six to eight weeks in advance of your wedding, and ten weeks would probably be even better. Ask to see the florist’s portfolio and look around his or her shop. If you don’t like the look or style of their work, they are probably not the florist for you.

If you are going to have colored daisies or other flowers, it is very important to bring color swatches with you to the consultation. You need to have chosen the colors and styles of your gown, the bridesmaid’s gowns and the groom and groomsmen’s tuxes. The florist is going to want to design the bouquet and other decorative elements around the choices you have made. They may make suggestions about flowers that will complement your gown and other color choices, but it is very helpful to have some idea of what kind of flower arrangements you want before you have your first consultation.

Whatever kind of daisy you choose, it is important to realize that all flowers have variations in shape, size and color. This is not something to worry about, and should not stop you from having a beautiful wedding with gorgeous flowers.

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