Wedding decorations: Edible table centerpiece ideas

How to create edible wedding centerpieces. Techniques for creating unique sweet centerpieces.

Thinking of ideas for table centerpieces is often one of the most difficult aspects of planning the decor for your wedding. There are literally hundreds of options for centerpieces and everyone wants something creative. The first thing that may come to mind is flowers, but interesting floral centerpieces can be expensive and no one knows what to do with them once the wedding is over. A new and trendy option is having something edible as a centerpiece! It is almost assured that the centerpiece will be gone by the end of the night and that your guests will always remember your cute and imaginative idea. There are many different ways to approach having edible centerpieces and some things to consider in your planning process.

First things first: What can I use as an edible centerpiece?

The options are virtually limitless. Generally, it is a better idea to put sweets and food that doesn’t need to be kept warm or cold on the table. If so desired, you could put appetizers on the table, but guests might not eat them once dinner is over. Also, you should take consideration of the weather and not put out anything that will melt in the hot sun at an outdoor reception.

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Wedding decorations: Edible table centerpiece ideas

Here is just a small general list of ideas that are commonly suggested for sweet centerpieces; lollipops, jellybeans, colored chocolate pieces, wrapped candies and chocolate, miniature cakes of the same flavor as the wedding cake (or any other miniature baked good), cookies, brownies, nostalgic treats, etc, etc! For savory foods, some good bets are a basket of gourmet breads with table cheese, crackers with a spread, or the ever-favorite chips and salsa. With any of these, make sure they are okay to leave out for at least five hours. You don’t want anything starting to look hard or greasy before the reception ends.

There are several things to keep in mind when deciding on your edible centerpiece.

How much time and money do you want to spend? Prices for centerpieces can vary greatly. If your budget is very low, try making your own. You can buy candy bulk from a wholesale club or have your aunts and mom help you bake something special. Of course, this will be more time-consuming. Baked goods may take days to finish, and it might take a lot of planning and searching to find all the items for your candy centerpieces. If you need special colors or types of candy, you might have to make a special order from the internet. But keep in mind that these items will be exceptional and unique, and your guests will certainly appreciate the effort.

If your budget is high or unlimited, consult your baker, or ask your florist to help you. Even though you are not ordering flowers from them, many florists are decorative experts and will be pleased to help you design and set up a centerpiece idea. This will save you time and effort, but will cost quite a bit more than doing it yourself. If your florist obtains the items to build the pieces, they will charge an overhead for this. Most certainly, having mini wedding cakes from the baker will be the most expensive option due to the effort involved in creating them.

Also take note of packaging options for the items. You can wrap a heart shaped brownie in beautifully colored cellophane and tie with a ribbon or you can make a simple stacked set up without wrapping. Individually wrapping items or creating a small package for each guest will be more expensive than having bowls, plates, or a cake stand.

How formal is your wedding? One last thing to consider is how formal your wedding is. If you are having a very formal, traditional occasion, you may want to venture toward cheese and bread, crackers and fancy spreads, or talk to your baker about sweet items. If your wedding is informal, baking something yourself or creatively arranging candy is a fun option. The presentation of the centerpieces (for example, wrapped or unwrapped) can also make a statement about how formal the wedding is.

Ideas for do-it-yourself centerpiece presentations:

Candy centerpieces:

Use these easy ideas to create fun, visually appealing centerpieces. Pay attention to colors, varying sizes, and patterns so that your piece is interesting to look at, as well as to eat!

Idea 1- Buy a large, wide-mouthed clear glass bowl and set it on top of a cake stand. Make sure the cake stand matches the colors of your wedding. Use jellybeans in two of your wedding colors (or one color and white) and fill the left half of the bowl with one color and the right side with the other. Make sure to pack them somewhat tightly. Then stick in lollypops all of a third color; heart-shaped or happy faces are a cute idea. Wrap the base of the cake stand with a ribbon and there it is! You can jazz this idea up by using ribbon on the lollypops, tying a message around them, or hiding a “prize” jellybean in the bowl and having a contest.

Idea 2- Find three colored or patterned bowls that match but are of various widths and heights. If you cannot find varying heights, set two of the bowls on painted wooden blocks of different heights, or glass cubes available from home improvement stores. Fill one with chocolate kisses that match your wedding colors, one with wrapped hard candy of another color, and one with jellybeans of another color. Sit them close together on the table and wrap greenery around their bases. Sprinkle a few wrapped candies around the table, or use votive candles for an evening look. Feel free to vary up the types of candies used!

Idea 3- Find a bunch of different nostalgic candies that come in boxes. Much of these types of candies are available on the internet. Use a colorful cake stand to display these boxes, which have a dynamic appeal on their own. Add some colorful wrapped candies sprinkled about the table. You can add to this idea by separating the candy by decade and having decade themed tables, or placing little stories or descriptions of the candy on the cake stand.

Baked good centerpieces:

Mix and match these ideas to please your guest’s palates! Make sure you mind the weather if your reception is outside. One way to improve any of these ideas is to place a few cards with the recipes you used on the table, or tie them to the wrapper if you decide to go that route. Also, ask your wedding cake baker about the recommended size of the cake if you have baked goods as a centerpiece. Most guests will likely not eat a whole lot of both!

Idea 1- Make your own mini-wedding cakes using cupcake tins without the paper cups. Use boxed batter mix for the cakes and then decorate them similarly to your wedding cake design. You can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. Try piping icing to make a monogram on each one, or write the wedding date on them. Use a cute small cupcake tree or small cake stand to display.

Idea 2- Bake dense brownies from a box mix and cut them out into shapes. Hearts, bells, even plain circles add some creativity. Decorate with icing or powdered sugar. Stack them on a painted wooden cutting board or individually wrap them.

Idea 3- Bake a specialty cookie from an old family recipe. Pile them up in a basket on the table or wrap three for each guest. Be sure to include the recipe in this case.

Whatever edible centerpiece you decide on, it is sure to be an original creation that will be a hit with your guests. Get together with your friends and family to help you decide what is feasible for your particular event. Have fun!

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