Wedding decorations: Decorating with gossamer

Also known as tulle, gossamer is a great decorating medium for special events such as weddings. Use these tips as a springboard to your own style.

When it comes to decorating, nothing says “wedding” quite like gossamer. Also called tulle, this filmy fabric has wonderful draping qualities, yet it’s stiff enough to hold formed shapes, making it a versatile decorating medium.

Tulle is sold in various forms. You can buy it on spools in various widths, from ribbon width to fabric-bolt width. You can also buy it by the yard, and it comes in many, many colors so you’re sure to find something to match your wedding colors.
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Once you’ve selected some tulle, experiment with it. You’ll doubtless find many ways you can decorate with it for your wedding. The following ideas will help you get started:
Table runner. If you’re using long, rectangular tables for dining or banquet purposes, use tulle as a table runner. Buy it in 12” width, or cut it in long 12” strips. Over a white tablecloth, lay your tulle table runner. Make sure you let the tulle hang lower than the tablecloth on the ends. Then, find some silk flowers that match the wedding flowers. Using coordinating ribbon, tie the silk flowers into the ends of the table runner on both ends. It should look like the tulle table runner is enveloping the flowers, much like crepe paper bunches around a bouquet.

Draped between torches. Torches have become quite popular for outdoor weddings and receptions. Along a walkway, stand the torches up, spaced evenly. To create a romantic wedding atmosphere, drape tulle between the torches. You’ll need to secure the tulle with wire (floral wire works well). Make sure the tulle is far enough below the flame that there’s no chance it will catch fire. You can use silk flowers here in much the same way as described with the table runner. Using floral wire, attach a bunch of silk flowers at the point where the tulle is attached to the torch. The tulle will sway in the breeze and line the walkway in gossamer.

Line arches. In many weddings, a series of arches provides a backdrop for the receiving line. Tulle can soften the shape of the arches in several ways. The tulle can be stretched tight over the top of an arch to create a filmy look. Then, additional tulle can be bunched at key points to provide a soft, billowy feel. Again, floral wire can be used to attach the tulle to the arches and to create the desired shapes.

Gift table. The gift table mustn’t be cluttered with decorations such as centerpieces, but tulle can be draped around the edges of the table so that it doesn’t look bare. As with the table runner ideas, a regular tablecloth should be put down first. Then drape your tulle around the edges of the table. You may need to tack the tulle down with a needle and thread, but these are easily removed when you are finished with the event.

Gossamer bows. Using spool tulle, make a bunch of bows out of a coordinating or accent color. Then add these bows to your decorating wherever you need something extra. You can add them to table edges, benches, lighting, torches, floral displays, etc. They are filmy enough that they won’t look garish or gaudy.

Use these ideas as a springboard for your imagination. Tulle can be re-used at many events, so ask around to see if you can borrow some instead having to buy it yourself. Have fun, and create the wedding of your dreams.

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