Wedding ceremony church pew decoration ideas

Great ideas for church pew decorations during the wedding ceremony.

If you’re like most brides, you probably have lots of ideas when it comes to decorating for your wedding reception, but absolutely no ideas when it comes to decorating the church, let alone the church pews. Fortunately, help is on the way. Read on for several church pew decoration ideas that are sure to get noticed.

Flower Pots- It’s not unusual to see flowers hung from church pews, but it is unusual to see them hung in flower pots. Check your local craft store or home and garden center for flower pot hangers. This simple metal hanger will have a hole at the bottom where the pot sits, and a hook at the top that can be placed over the top of the pew to support the flowers. Then just pick out some small potted plants to sit inside the hangers. With a small enough guest list, they can even be used after the ceremony as wedding favors.

Sachet Bags- Treat your guests’ noses to a sweet smelling surprise by hanging a sachet bag from each pew. Check the potpourri and wedding aisles of your local craft store for a wide selection of sachet bags. Then choose a fragrant blend of potpourri, and fill each bag.

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Wedding ceremony church pew decoration ideas

Ornaments- For a simple, and elegant pew decoration, run velvet ribbon down each pew, and hook an ornament onto each one. Purchase a set of ornaments for a unified look—a set of doves or wedding bells would be appropriate—or hang a collection of your own ornaments for a personal touch.

Sap Buckets- If you’re an antiques lover, think about incorporating a touch of the Old World into your wedding by hanging a sap bucket from each pew. Sap buckets are widely available at antique stores and flea markets, and come in a multitude of colors. Then fill them with a floral arrangement, and hook them over the pews for a dramatic splash of color.

Paper Cones- For an inexpensive decoration that’s sure to be noticed, hang a paper cone filled with flowers from each pew. To make the cones, simply roll up a sheet of paper, (heavy weight paper works best) and secure the back with a piece of tape. Then, tie a ribbon around the cone, and fill it with your choice of flowers.

Floral Forms- To add a touch of class to your wedding, purchase heart-shaped Styrofoam forms from your local craft store, and soak them in water. Then poke your choice of flowers into each form until the entire surface is covered. (Carnations are an excellent flower to use since they are both inexpensive and long-lasting.) After you are satisfied with the look of the arrangements, string them on your choice of ribbon, and hang them from the pews.

You’ll have to make a lot of decisions as you plan for your wedding—whether it’s selecting the right church pew decorations, or the best dish pattern for the reception. It’s an overwhelming experience, but once all of the details come together you’ll have a wedding that is uniquely yours.

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