Wedding ceremony church decoration candle ideas

Incorporate candles into your wedding church decorations, with these ideas.

An evening wedding sets the stage for mood lighting and romance in a way that a daytime wedding cannot match. The easiest way to set the mood is using candles to decorate the church where the ceremony is being held. Using some or all of these suggestions, you are sure to set the stage for a memorable event!

The traditional approach
Many churches have their own sets of candelabra that can be used for wedding ceremonies. If they do not, and they permit the use of candles, you can also rent candelabra from a rental supply store. You can find inexpensive, non-drip white tapers at craft supply stores or online. Using a long (12”) white taper is an elegant addition to the ceremony. To dress up the candelabra, add white bows or greenery. My personal favorite is wrapping silk greenery in the shape of ivy or white roses on a greenery vine around the candelabra. Candelabra look best when placed behind the altar; be sure to ask your photographer if this addition will interfere with the quality of your photographs. For my wedding, we incorporated the lighting of the candelabra into the ceremony: once the guests had been seated, two groomsmen lit the candles immediately prior to the wedding processional, which let the guests know the ceremony was about to begin. Many rental companies also carry pew candles, which are secured to the pew to prevent the candelabra from falling over. Pew candelabra can also be decorated with bows and/or silk flowers.

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Wedding ceremony church decoration candle ideas

Depending on the setup and regulations of the church, another beautiful option is to line the side windows with candles. Choose a candleholder that reflects the style of the church and/or the theme of the wedding. If your reception has a beach theme, use hurricane lamps that hold candles. For a more formal event, hit the local pawn and thrift shops for silver-toned candelabra of a style suitable for placing on a mantel. A good source for candelabra is your local craft store. Just like the larger candelabra, you can decorate smaller candelabra with ribbon or silk flowers glued to a ribbon wrapped around the base. For an elegant touch, use a 12” white taper with a single piece of ribbon (1/2-1” wide) in your wedding color wrapped around the base of the taper and secured with a dot of hot glue.

Finally, a traditional part of many wedding ceremonies is the lighting of a unity candle. While it has a ceremonial purpose, it should also add to the decorative effect you wish to achieve. Choose a candle that is appropriate for the style of your wedding; if you have chosen a simple, elegant wedding with sleek lines, it does not make sense to use a unity candle decorated with lace and pearls. For an inexpensive unity candle that matches your wedding colors, buy a large white candle at a craft or candle store, then wrap the base with a 1-2” wide ribbon, and secure the ribbon by gluing it in place. This works especially well if you are using a similar approach to decorate tapers for the church’s windows. Alternatively, tie a piece of ribbon around a glass candleholder and use hot glue to attach a single silk flower that matches those used for your ceremony.

A bit of whimsy
When using candles to accent your ceremony, think beyond the basic decoration of the altar and windows. If you have a table for guests to sign a guest book, add a bowl with floating candles in the shape of roses. If you have a beach-themed wedding, fill a small flat tray with sand, and add shells and votive candles for a unique display. Alternatively, add a hurricane lamp to the guest book table. If you are having the reception at a vineyard or are incorporating wine into your theme, fill an empty wine bottle filled with lamp oil and inert a wick to create a unique lamp. Also think about incorporating candles into the ceremony itself: rather than having bridesmaids carry flowers, have them carry a taper decorated with silk flowers or ribbon. After walking down the aisle, each bridesmaid can place her taper on the altar, to add to the glow and provide additional mood lighting. Alternatively, bridesmaids carrying tapers can each light a portion of a standing candelabrum behind the altar to participate in the onset of the ceremony. However, you choose to use candles, you are sure to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

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