Wedding cake ideas

Your wedding cake is the first thing guests look at and the last thing they taste at your reception. Organizing your preferences into the categories of flavor, color, shape, style and budget will help you select the perfect cake for your wedding.

Wedding Cake Ideas
Your prince Charming has finally popped the question and the day you’ve dreamed about since you were a little girl is just around the corner. Suddenly you are overwhelmed with decisions to be made and perhaps one of the most important concerns the wedding cake. Since your wedding cake not only acts as desert for your guests, but serves as a centerpiece or focal point at the reception you’ll want a cake that is both beautiful and delicious. It is helpful to organize your ideas into the categories of flavor, color, shape, style and budget when selecting the perfect cake for your wedding.

Chocolate, lemon, raspberry, cheesecake, spice; what makes your mouth water? Remember when wedding cakes looked beautiful and tasted little better than sawdust? Well those days are gone, joyfully. It is all the rage for a couple to serve a cake in any flavor or flavors they prefer. Selecting several different cakes can be a lot of fun and keeps everyone happy. Perhaps a top layer of chocolate for the bride, a second layer of carrot cake for the groom, and a wonderful raspberry custard filled cake on the bottom. Many bridal cake shops serve samples of their most popular cakes so go out and test a few before you decide.

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Wedding cake ideas

Although white is often the color that most comes to mind today’s couples are opting for cakes in a variety of colors. Ice blue, blush pink, lavender, pale, pale green, butterscotch and café au lait, all designed to work with the color scheme of the wedding are some very popular choices. Chocolate is becoming increasingly fashionable and is great for a fall or winter wedding. Two toned cakes are in high demand. Different shades of the same color create a multi-dimensional look. Snow white with eggshell-colored adornments or candle light with ecru are soft and romantic combinations.

Round tiers are still a favorite choice, but more frequently couples are ordering square hexagon, octagon, oval, and heart shaped cakes. Square tiers present a very neat appearance. Combining different shapes such as a square base with a round top creates a distinctive presentation. More slender and taller cakes are being called for as well; a tall column of cake topped by sugar paste flowers or sleek calla lilies lends a dramatic touch.

Want to create a fairytale like feel at the reception? Think of petal shaped layers sparkling with edible fairy dust, topped by a small castle and sitting on a beautiful antique mirror. You can find castle shaped candle holders which will also hold a tea light, and the added candle light looks exquisite on top of the cake. A tea light will burn for three to four hours and becomes liquid, so keep that in mind when it comes time to cut the cake. To display your cake perfectly take a small round table layer it with tulle or gossamer and place a light under the table so it appears to be glowing. Scatter varying sized star shaped candles on the mirror to glitter their reflecting light across the mirror and fairy dust.

Maybe you prefer a medieval fairy tale to the Cinderella story. In medieval times guests were served individual cakes. Why not serve individual petit fours in a variety of wonderful flavors. They can be displayed on a tiered stand much in the shape of a wedding cake. Decorate the table with scarves (belly dancing scarves are exceptional for this) and a few wrought iron candle holders with candles in varying heights surrounded by ivy and small fruits such as plums, kumquats, and apricots will set off the cake beautifully.

If you are getting married at the beach then the obvious and easy way to decorate your cake is with seashells. Have a candy maker design lovely, edible sugar paste or chocolate seashells that can be used to adorn the cake. Small periwinkle shells along the borders with several small conch or fan shells look beautiful and the cake can be crowned with a combination of shells and a two starfish to represent the bride and groom; the stars of the day. Decorate the table with fish netting and real shells to complete the look.

Many modern brides are going for a more streamlined and elegant look at their weddings in both the design of their gowns and the cake. A rolled fondant icing works very well for this and produces a sleek and precise looking cake. Designs are easily cutout of the fondant and applied to the cake, and an especially upscale look can be composed with monograms. Crown the cake with a marzipan sculpture of a bride and groom or another design of your choice. You’ll want to keep this kind of cake very simple and without a lot of embellishments. Drape the table in a plain linen or cotton cloth free from any froufrou.

The average wedding cake can cost anywhere between $3.00 -$6.00 a slice and the more ornate the cake the higher the price. That means that a wedding for just one hundred people will feature a $300-$1,000 wedding cake! However, there are some very simple ways that you can still have a luscious and gorgeous cake with out spending your mortgage down payment. Serve the cake as your only dessert and save even more.

If there is a culinary school in your area often a student can fashion a beautiful cake for you at half the ordinary price. Just be sure to see and taste some samples of his or her work first. Often these schools have open houses where you can sample many students work without feeling any obligation. As an added bonus you might also find that the school can cater the entire wedding at a fraction of the cost that most caterers charge

Many grocery store bakeries make heavenly cakes for as little as .50 per guest. The higher cost comes with the decorating. You can save a bundle by ordering a scrumptious cake that has been frosted and done with a simple border then add your own enhancements.

One of the prettiest cakes I ever saw was bedecked with candied rose petals. About a week before the wedding purchase some roses. Gently remove the petals wash them and allow them to dry on paper towels. Using a small paintbrush and a combination of an egg white and a little water, beaten together well, paint the petals and then sprinkle very fine sugar or edible glitter over them. Let them dry and store in an airtight container in the fridge. Put an artistic friend in charge of decorating the cake on the day of your wedding. Have the store deliver and set up the cake at the reception. Scatter the cake with the petals and crown it with several large roses. This technique can also be used with other edible flowers such as violets, English daisies, daylilies, nasturtiums and pansies. Be sure whatever flowers you purchase have been grown organically and are free of pesticides.

Another choice is to festoon the cake with fresh fruit or flowers. A small bouquet with trailing ribbons looks delightful as a cake topper with its ribbons floating past each layer. For a more modern look use three simple calla lilies as an easy and elegant way to top a simple streamlined cake. A very light yellow cake topped by edible English daisies (yes, you can eat the daisies) is absolutely adorable. Cakes also look wonderful when decorated with small fruits and vines with berries. Several days before the wedding make wreaths of berries and vines and on the day of the wedding place a wreath on each layer of the cake and add the fruits. Fruits such as apricots, kumquats, small plums raspberries and grapes work well for this, and can be used naturally or sugar coated.

A single large heart shaped cake filled with whipped cream and strawberries is a refreshing change from the usual cake. Have the cake frosted with a whipped cream too. Top the cake with beautiful, big, fresh strawberries and surround it with more strawberries dipped in dark and white chocolate.

Order several different, delectable cakes plainly frosted and artfully arrange them on stands of different heights, top each one with a single exotic orchid. For a look worthy of a goddess cluster together Grecian columns of varying heights and place a cake atop each column.

Petit fours, individual cakes, or cup cakes are a fraction of the cost of a full cake. Served on a tiered cake rack they look pretty and can delight many different taste buds. They are easy for guests to take home and leftovers can be frozen.

Of course, the most inexpensive course of action to take would be to go back to the original purpose of the wedding cake. During Medieval times guests brought small cakes to the wedding and stacked them as high as they could. The bride and groom then kissed over the top of the cakes without toppling them for luck and prosperity.

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