Wedding and bridal flowers: Tulip wedding bouquet ideas and designs

How to make your own tulip bridal bouquet.

Most American weddings are held in the spring and summer, when flowers are in bloom and readily available. Tulips are a classic flower for spring weddings, whose bright blossoms add a cheerful note to any wedding ceremony. The tulip symbolizes happiness and consuming love, making it an ideal choice for a wedding. Whether you want to make the bouquet yourself or are working with a florist, this article will provide all the information you need to create a beautiful tulip bouquet.

Choosing a tulip variety

Tulip wedding bouquet ideas and designs 300x300 Wedding and bridal flowers: Tulip wedding bouquet ideas and designs

Tulip wedding bouquet ideas and designs

Tulips typically come in three different varieties. The most common is the Dutch tulip, which is the variety most commonly grown in gardens in the United States. In contrast to the relatively inexpensive Dutch tulips, French tulips have longer stems and a larger blossom. A third variety, known as the parrot tulip, has striped petals in a number of intense colors. Although tulips are generally in season in the spring, they can be obtained throughout the year in colors ranging from classic white and pastel pink to more vibrant red and purple. Just remember that you will pay less for flowers that are in season, so don’t be surprised by the cost of using tulips in December. Also be sure to ask your florist about any variability in colors throughout the year, especially if choosing bridesmaids’ dresses in colors that coordinate with the bouquets. If you are making the bouquets yourself, ask the florists at your local warehouse club and grocery stores whether you can place a special order, and if you can get a discount for a bulk order.

Making a simple tulip bouquet

For an elegant and easy to assemble bouquet, you will need about a dozen tulips of a single color, waterproof floral tape, green foliage (such as camellia leaves), a thin-gauge floral wire and ribbon. Gather the tulips into a bunch so that the blossoms form a spherical shape. Bind together the stems using floral tape, then trim the stems to the same length. Next, attach 3-5” of thin-gauged wire to the green leaves using the floral tape to secure the wire to the back of the leaves. Use the wired leaves to form a collar around the bottom of the tulip blossoms, such that the dark green side of the leaves face up and the wire runs down the length of the tulip stems. Use floral tape to secure the wires to the stems. Ideally, both layers of floral tape should lie on top of each other for maximum stability and minimal use of the tape. Trim the ends of the wire that extend beyond the floral tape. Next, tie the ribbon over the floral tape in an attractive bow. For a classic look, use a 3” wide sheer white ribbon to tie together the bouquet. Be sure to place the bouquet in water to prevent wilting. Tulips are not very hardy and should not be made into bouquets more than 24 hours before the ceremony.

If you want a more complicated bouquet, it is best to use the skills of your local florist. Tulips combine nicely with calla lilies, roses or hydrangea. For a stunning effect, combine tulips, hydrangea and peonies in different shades of pink and red. Alternatively, combine long-stemmed white French tulips with long-stemmed white calla lilies for elegance. Whether you choose to use tulips alone or in combination with other flowers, your bouquet is sure to reflect the spirit of your wedding day.

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