Wedding and bridal flowers: Hydrangea wedding bouquet ideas and designs

A keepsake bridal bouquest can easily be made with the large variety and options presented by the hydrangea; a large brush-like flower. These tips and ideas should start the novice flower designer on the way to a beautiful and perfect celebration.
In every wedding, casual or formal, flowers play an integral part in setting the tone, aiding in the color scheme and complementing the bridal party.

While flowers decorate the ceremony location, the reception area and add the finishing touches to the wedding party, the bride’s bouquet is extra special. The bouquet should complement the bride’s personality, match her attire, be proportionate to the bride and gown, and fit in with the color and theme of the day. Though bouquets frequently contain a large variety of flowers, another option is to create a bouquet with one flower type such as the hydrangea.

Hydrangea produce a large quantity of tiny flowers in a brush or grouped fashion on a pale green stem with toothed, medium-green leaves. Flower color varies from white to blush and lavender, light green to blue; darker colors can be obtained with a non-toxic dye dip.
Inexpensive and widely available from many gardens, the hydrangea can fit any wedding budget as well as crafters who wish to add that personal touch by growing and creating their own wedding flowers.
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Hydrangea bouquets offer a large color selection, a sturdy, long-lasting flower, a bulky flower that can be clipped down or added to for various size bouquets, and hydrangea dry very well to preserve the memorable event. Though typically a summer blossom, florist and greenhouses can obtain hydrangea throughout the year.

After selecting a color for the bouquet; purchase or collect flowers with as much stem as possible. Cut at a diagonal in a large bucket of water and place in a tall vase or bucket until ready to use. Some hydrangea blooms are very large and their weight will force the flower head to droop; to steady, a length of floral wire inserted along the stem to the bloom will assist. Fashion a large or small bouquet, cutting down the flowers to fit the bride’s size and the gown’s sophistication. An overpowering bouquet will steal guest’s eyes. Wrap bouquet stems with floral tape. Coordinate with a matching ribbon wrapped around the stems and cascading from the bride’s hand hold. Refrigerate until the ceremony.

To add sophistication or elegance to a bouquet, stick with a pure white flower and dark green leaves. Colorful weddings will benefit from a pale colored flower, while a standard white/black wedding can be appreciated with deep purple or blue hews.

Adding other varieties to the bouquet will add appeal but be certain the flowers or additions are large enough to show with the hydrangea. Consider long sticks of cinnamon, dried milkweed pods or foxtail as options.

To carry the hydrangea theme of your wedding to other areas, try a few of these ideas:

For an easy reception table centerpiece, paint beach buckets in the wedding colors and stencil on the table number; fill with sand and tuck in stems of hydrangea that overflow the top of the bucket.

Pull the tiny flowers off the stems and stack in a votive candleholder with a small candle of the same color. Wrap with tulle, fabric or cellophane for an easy reception gift. Add a name tag and table number to double as a reception seating chart.

Long stems tied with a bow and affixed to chairs or pews will last as wedding décor throughout the day.

Pull the tiny flowers off the stems and place in a flower girl’s basket to line the walk for the bride or place in small cellophane bags for guest to toss as the bride and groom depart.

Don’t forget the toss bouquet – a smaller version of the bride’s to toss to the next lucky bride-to-be. Perhaps the hydrangea bouquet will inspire that future wife.

If an outdoor wedding is planned, or outdoor photographs are possible, many hydrangea bushes grow to large heights and provide a dark green background with a splash of color. Remember to ask the owners first!

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