Wedding and bridal flowers: Hawaiian wedding bouquet ideas and designs

Colorful and tropical, these Hawaiian wedding bouquet and flower ideas, will warm the heart and soul of all attendees.

Even if there’s frost on the pumpkin and the ocean is miles away, a paradise island wedding can be enjoyed through a Hawaiian theme. Passionate colors, beach-themed attire and décor, as well as a few Hawaiian customs will result in a memorable and enjoyable wedding celebration for all. Tropical flowers at the ceremony and reception location will balance the overall effect as well as having all bouquets follow the Hawaiian theme.

A bouquet should enhance the beauty of the bride, balance the colors and size to fit the bride and gown, as well as add a spark of color and romance. By far the most colorful flowers are tropical. Orchids, the symbolic flower for beauty, tropical ginger, gardenia, lilies, hibiscus and birds-of-paradise are the most popular and easiest tropical flowers to obtain; usually available at local florists. Tropical flowers require slightly more care since many blossoms only last 24-48 hours. For this reason, the bouquet preparation as well as the timing and scheduling are important factors. A little research into the care of these special flowers, if creating your own bouquet, will be beneficial. To make a wedding day carefree, opt for a professional florist to create the bouquet. In addition, many tropical flowers cost slightly more; budget accordingly.
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Orchids and lilies offer a large variety of colors, shapes and sizes and are popular to use as the base to any bouquet. Most tropical flowers have sturdy stems but if stabilization is needed, floral wire insert into the stem up to the blossom will assist. After selecting a color scheme, opt for the brightest colors for the bridal bouquet and a fairer hew for the wedding party and décor. Purchase tropical flowers and fillers, cut at a diagonal in a large bucket of water and allow flowers to rest until preparing the bouquet. To assemble, arrange flowers and cut to the same length. Be certain the size is proportionate to the bride and gown and the biggest, brightest base flowers are in the center. Highlight bouquets with palm tree leaves, tropical ginger, or hostas leaves. Coordinate with a ribbon wrapped around the stems to hold them together and give the bride a handhold.

To create a bouquet that draws the eye downward to highlight an elaborate design on a gown, add small orchid blossoms that cascade from the edge of the bouquet outward and down.

To create a bouquet that highlights the bodice or top of a gown or veil, use tropical ginger, birds-of-paradise or foxtails to drawn the eye upwards. Eliminate any cascading ribbons so the bouquet doesn’t overpower the bride.

Many Hawaiian wedding consists of leis for both men and women. Leis are a string of flowers, usually orchids, that are worn around the neck, head, ankles or wrists. Incorporate a Hawaiian custom of the bride and groom exchanging leis during the ceremony. Giving someone a lei symbolizes the love, affection, and respect you have for the person you are giving the lei to, followed by a kiss on the cheek. Having a lei exchange is beautiful way to express your eternal love Hawaiian style.

To maintain the Hawaiian theme to the reception, try a few of these ideas:

Top the wedding cake with orchids to match the bride’s bouquet.

Add edible orchids to the champagne or beverage as a special toast.

Decorate each reception table with a brilliant, bold colored flower arrangement and keep the linens and other colors white or pale hues.

Have a young guest greet each wedding guest with a lei.

Fill a beach pail with loose orchids or leaves and have the flower girl drop to line the path for the bride.

Place orchids in small bags for guest to toss rather than rice.

Have the bride and groom exchange leis with the new in-laws upon departure.

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