Vitamin K What are the Advantages and why do we need it?

The unknown vitamin. Ever wonder what it’s for? Here’s some facts about this sometimes mysterious vitamin you might find interesting and helpful.

Vitamin K is found in bone and is primarily used for preventing some forms of illness. Some cosmetic companies have harnessed the use of this vitamin in eye and wrinkle creams to lessen the look of lines. Absorbed into the skin as a cream it is supposed to build up the skin around the wrinkle or line to actually erase the sight of them.

You can find vitamin K in certain foods like green tea,asparagus,green leafy vegetables. It is really good for stretch marks and scars as well as vitamin E. Vitamin K has also been used in fighting Osteoporosis which is a condition described as having weak,thin and brittle bones.
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Normally,this vitamin is needed for the production of prothrombin. A plasma protien produced in the liver in the presence of vitamin K and converted into thrombin essential for the clotting of blood. All in all this vitamin aids in promoting longevity. It is essential for bone formation and repair. It also helps prevent certain kinds of cancers that effect the inner linings of the organs. It plays and important role in the intestines to aid in changing glucose into glycogen(carbohydrate) thus promoting healthy liver function.

If this vitamin were not present it would result in abnormal or internal bleeding. Though vitamin K is found in an array of herbs and foods the majority of the supply of vitamin K is produced by “friendly” bacteria already present in the intestines.

Other herbs where vitamin K can be found are alfalfa,kelp,nettle,oat straw and sheperd’s Purse. Cauliflower,cabbage,and Brussels sprouts also are a good source of Vitamin K.

So you see,vitamin is not thought of,except by the medical profession,to be of that much of an important factor in our diet. But it is very essential to our health and well being inside and out!

Perhaps we should take a longer look at our habits as we stroll down the isle of the super market thinking about our meals for the week. We not only need to pay so much attention to what goes on our skin. But also what goes into our mouths and into our bodies. The results will truly wind up on the outside in your glowing complexion in the long run. You are what you eat and you will most likely show it if you make the right choices instead of the wrong ones.

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