Vampire Elena Reflects Katherine; The Doppelganger Affect

Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries is bringing forward new twists in the story line, finally the Stefan-Elena break up and Delena patch up happened. All the Delena fans were waiting for this moment and for them the passionate moments Elena and Damon shared were just AWESOME.

Vampire Diaries Elena and Damon Vampire Elena Reflects Katherine; The Doppelganger Affect

Vampire Diaries ,Elena and Damon

But besides all the chemistry going on between Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, there was a major twist when in the previous episode Jeremy died. The series is on a mid break and will be on airing the next episode on the 14th of March. After Damon sired Elena to turn off her humanity The Vampire Diaries fans are wondering what the new Elena would be like.

Well I think she would be following the footsteps of her doppelganger sister Katherine. Yes! I know Katherine and Elena are not sisters but one can easily judge that innocent pretty Elena who was be made of sterner stuff is turning into one badass bit of fluff.

The love triangle that had finally came to a clear picture is once again about to get complicated when Elena will be hanging around with both the Salvatore brothers hand in hand. Playing the lead role of the series Nina Dobrev has showed by her AWESOME acting skills that she is up for any new turn in the story. The trailer of upcoming episode reflects the Katherine charisma in Elena’s character.

The question here is that what will be the reaction of the fans; do they want to see a remorseless and blood sucking Elena, or the caring and emotionally overwhelmed Elena? Being a fan of the series I would prefer seeing the dirty dancer inside Elena Gilbert, as I’ve had enough of the attention seeking drama queen side of the character and I am sure many of you will agree with me.

And the most important scenario to be looking forward to is the doppelganger confrontation, which one can see coming soon and the calculations tell that Elena won’t let her twin sister walk away this time. The cats fight will be an AWESOME entertaining moment for all the Vampire diaries fans. We can only wish you luck with the Katherine charm you will be carrying with you now Elena Gilbert.





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