Upgrade your Lifestyle with Electree

Ever wished you had a big tree in your yard to power your house, well here’s an awesome little innovation called Electree, that does pretty much the same job, but for your phone only. Kickstarter has taken up the concept of a French designer, Vivien Muller to model a solar-powered, induction charging bonsai tree.

Lifestyle with Electree

electree Upgrade your Lifestyle with Electree

electree Bonsai

With the electronic market already familiar with the Qi standard built-in, this bonsai would be a great camouflage specimen by the room window. It has been named as Electree+, a bonsai tree with solar panels in 3-D fashion, imitating leaves on the tree. Also these solar leaves are adjustable to capture maximum sunlight. Environment friendly, plus a chance to play around the marvels of nature, accentuating human ideas.

This Electree+ bonsai has been redesigned once, since it’s conceptual birth by the French designer, in 2008.Its first attempt to hit the market failed because of its high price, the original design only reached 200 customers, which now with improvements has hopes to reach the potential of 1000, presales, for a total of $200.000, to begin with its proper production. The Electree+ has a 14,000mAh internal battery, featuring 27 solar panels. For its battery to be fully charged you’ll need to tan your Electree+ in sunlight for 36 hours, once charged, it’ll recharge your Smartphone in about 4hous.

The Electree

Electree+ comes with additional features like built-in NFC chip, meaning  whenever you place your Smartphone on its surface, it can start an action, either to put the phone into dock mood or to manage any smart home connected device, e.g. curtains and light fixtures. It has 2 USB ports, one for higher power consumers like tablets and one for lower power consumers like Smartphones.

As it works on the standards of Qi inductive charging, you’ll find this awesome bonsai highly compatible with Nexus 4, Lumia 920, Droid DNA and with iPhones as well, if they have a wireless charging case. If this non-electrical Electree+   project meets success, it will incorporate the use of environmentally bolstered solar energy, to replace the conventional electricity. A 21st  century tree that uses up the sunlight in its flat branch ends not to carry out photosynthesis, but to fuel your phone. An awesome innovation, for the ease of living in this Polymer age. The Electree+’s first shipment is expected in May 2013.

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