Unique ways to package homemade soap

Crafting homemade soap takes a lot of time and creativity. Make sure your packaging is just as creative with these unique packaging ideas.

Crafting homemade soap takes a lot of time and creativity. Make sure your packaging is just as creative as your soap. Here are some great ways to package your soaps for gift-giving:

Egg Carton- Mold a dozen egg shaped soaps in a variety of colors; and fill an empty egg carton for an inexpensive packaging solution.

Eggs- Mold egg shaped soap, and fill plastic Easter eggs with the soap. For a fun present, give an entire basket of brightly colored eggs.

Chocolate Box- Save empty chocolate boxes and fill them with little hand soaps. Candy and cake decorating stores have a large variety of candy molds that can be adapted to soap making. Create enough soap to fill the entire box. To finish off the look, place the finished soaps inside candy wrappers.

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Unique ways to package homemade soap

Chocolate Bars- Purchase a chocolate bar mold, and use it to create an unexpected gift. Experiment with scents and colors that convey a chocolate theme. Wrap each finished soap bar in foil to further mimic the look of a candy bar. To personalize the gift, design chocolate wrappers that allude to the gift that is inside. Wrappers can be created on the computer with minimal effort. For authentic looking candy bars, use the same colors and fonts that are used on popular candy bars.

Peanut Butter Cups- Mold soaps in tart cups to create soap that resembles a peanut butter cup. As with the chocolate bars, give the soap a chocolate scent for authenticity. Place each bar of soap inside a paper cup; and create a candy wrapper.

Ornaments- Mold soaps in the shape of Christmas ornaments. If soap molds are not available, candy molds will work just as well. Once the soap is dry, pierce a hole through the top of the soap ornaments, and string a ribbon through the hole to create a way to hang the ornament.

Kraft Paper- Give soap bars an old fashioned look by wrapping them in a piece of Kraft paper or brown paper bag. Tie a piece of raffia around the wrapped bar for a special decorative touch.

Handmade Paper- Give homemade soap boutique flair by wrapping each bar in a piece of handmade paper. Rice paper, vellum and handmade floral papers are readily available at craft supply stores, and are fairly inexpensive. Secure the wrapper with a gold seal to complete the high-end look.

Cupcakes/ Muffins- Mold soap in the shape of cupcakes or muffins. Place each bar inside a paper muffin cup for quick and easy packaging. To finish the look, wrap a single muffin in plastic wrap, or present an entire muffin tin of handmade soap.

Cloth Bags- Create gift bags out of fabric scraps. Cinch the tops of each bag with a drawstring. Then simply fill each pouch with a fragrant bar of soap.

Washcloth- Tie a washcloth around a bar of handmade facial soap to create a gift that comes ready to use. For a larger gift, purchase a pretty set of hand towels, and wrap a bar in each one.

Crayon Box- Mold soap into crayon shaped bars for a gift that any kid or artist will love. Place the finished soap crayons inside an empty crayon box.

Coffee Mug/ Teacup- Fill an attractive coffee mug or teacup with handmade soap. Melt and pour soap can be poured directly into the cup and allowed to set up. Then simply wrap the mug or teacup in plastic, and secure the top with a piece of ribbon.

Canning Jar- Stack different colored soap inside a canning jar for a colorful gift. Tie a piece of fabric around the jar’s lid to complete the effect.

Flowerpot- Create a soap garden with minimal effort. After making several flower shaped soaps, poke a stick through each one to create a stem. Then secure a piece of floral foam inside the flowerpot. Once the foam is in place, poke the soap flowers into the foam to create a unique arrangement. Cover the foam with moss to finish the look.

Bucket- Purchase a child’s beach bucket and shovel, and fill it with shell shaped soap. For a more realistic look, add some sand and a few real shells.

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