Unique slumber party themes for kids

Every girl enjoys a good slumber party. You can host one that they’ll never forget if you add a theme to the occasion.

A slumber party is a wonderful and exciting social activity for girls, often ending in a sleepless – but fun – night. Games, makeovers and giggly gossip are among the usual sources of entertainment for the evening, as well as lots of fun foods. Assigning a theme to your child’s slumber party, however, can add that extra bit of pizzazz to an otherwise predictable event. All it takes is a bit of imagination and planning to perk up the festivities. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Space themes are very popular for most children’s celebrations, and a slumber party is no different. Glow-in-the-dark decorations depicting stars and planets can be used to decorate the room, as well as mobiles of similar construction. Related posters and star studded balloons would add to the effect. Toy robots and inflatable aliens in random areas of the room would heighten the space sensation, as would green light bulbs instead of the traditional white ones. Foods might consist of things such as Milky Ways, Mars Bars, Moon Pies or Starburst candies. Tang is the drink to serve at this party!
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Try a Hawaiian luau for your next overnight get together – the kids will love it! Some round tissue lanterns, a few strategically placed pink flamingos and paper palm trees will set the mood. Top it off with some tissue fish, a parrot or two and a banner that says “Aloha”, and you’re on your way to a fun-filled night. Shells and starfish scattered around the room will put the finishing touch on the decor. Snacks can include tropical fruit salad, dried pineapple bits and coconut candies. If you’re planning to serve a hot snack, this is a great time to introduce them to Hawaiian pizza – a traditional pie topped with ham and pineapple. Any flavor of tropical fruit juice would work well with these food items.
If your young lady happens to belong to a baseball team, consider a sports theme. Decorations can include pennants, various pieces of sports related equipment, photos of favorite players and your child’s uniform – exhibited as a wall display surrounded by gold stars with a party guest’s name written on each one. A banner reading “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” also offers a nice touch. The nightly menu will consist of hot dogs, peanuts and apple pie. The beverage will, of course, be soda!

Jungle themes are always fun for the slumber party crowd, and make for a very exotic evening. Stuffed animals such as monkeys, parrots, lions or tigers can be positioned throughout the room along with palm trees, vines, rubber snakes and hanging plants. Safari print balloons can be used, or throw pillows and wall hangings of the same motif. The nightly fare can include steak, Chunky Monkey ice cream, bananas and tropical trail mix. Fruit punch would be a nice complement to the menu.

Go retro with a Fifties theme party. Old 45s would make a nice wall display, along with posters of James Dean and cars from that era. Tissue paper ice cream cones suspended from the ceiling and a plastic jukebox would add to the decorations, as well as hanging poodle skirts and sweaters. A pair of roller skates and a serving tray can be positioned in a corner of the room, complete with a root beer sign. Food items can include hamburgers and fries, in true drive-up stand spirit, while the drinks can be milkshakes.

An underwater theme will also be appreciated by your young lady. Shells and starfish can be strewn around the room, along with a treasure chest, pictures of seahorses, plastic whales, octopi and turtles. Hanging from the ceiling can be a variety of brightly colored plastic tropical fish, accompanied by a couple of Mylar balloons in the shape of dolphins. Bunches of fake seaweed and coral in random patterns throughout the room will put the finishing touches on the decorations. Dinner fare will consist of baby shrimp, crab cakes, green salad and a tall pitcher of ice water.

Your slumber party theme – whichever one you choose – will be a big hit with the girls and provide the makings of a great memory for all who participate in the event.

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