U.S. Country Singer Chely Wright and Lauren Blizter-Wright are Going to be Parents!

us U.S. Country Singer Chely Wright and Lauren Blizter Wright are Going to be Parents!The awesome news of pregnancy was happily announced by the couple on Wednesday, 23rd January during an interview on Howard Bragman’s YouTube show “Gwissues”. They made the exciting announcement that they are going to be the parents of identical twins. The newlywed star revealed that she is carrying identical twins. While making jokes during the chat, the couple told Bragman on Wednesday that they are excited to be parents and hope that they won’t mess it up too badly.

Parents of identical twins

The twins of the couple are due in July and Wright predicts that she will gain a few pounds in the summer. She said she will be as big as a bus or an A-frame house by around June. After dating for more than a year, Wright got married to Blizter-Wright, 31, the Director of Marketing at Sony Music entertainment, in August 2011. According to them, their life together has been one blessing after another.  They said they feel that God has blessed them with twins and they have the awesome feeling that their entire relation has been blessed. They expressed their feelings of being lucky and that they are ready to take on the challenges. Wright, who came out as a guy to the public, explained to Bragman that we all know it logistically a little different when gay couples have babies than when straight people have babies. The country singer added of her pregnancy that it’s been an amazing experience.

Twins and parents

The news reports that 42 year old mom-to-be, who is carrying the twins stated that the babies are due in the month of July but being identical twins, they have to be delivered one month early. The couple is extremely excited to become parents Blitzer-Wright stated of  the experience:

“Even learning about the reproductive systems and how that works…. you learn so many things.” Wright showed off her small bump in the video which is expected to get much bigger becauce the singer is expecting the twins. Wright explained that she had been suffering from some morning sickness. The wife of the singer stated that according to their expectations, the twins will be an “adventure”. The couple added that they are very eager to embark on their awesome next journey of motherhood.

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