Turning 50 doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are ten exciting ways to celebrate your milestone year

Adult activities: 10 great ways to celebrate turning 50

Turning 50 is nothing to fear – it should be a celebration of a half century of life. In that spirit, we should all spend our fiftieth year living jubilantly. During your golden birth year, enjoy every moment doing things that you’ve never done and, perhaps, never thought you’d have the opportunity to try. If you’re starved for ideas, here are ten to start you off.

Celebrate your day by taking a lengthy hot-air balloon ride. What better way to start off the second half of that century than by seeing the earth the way the birds do? The scenery, of course, will be breathtaking, but the feeling of freedom and exhilaration will be a gift in itself. You can either go solo (except for the balloon operator) or take along a cherished friend or family member. The experience will result in some much cherished memories.

At vacation time, don’t painstakingly plan an itinerary based on a conventional tourist spot that you’ve considered visiting. Instead, close your eyes, spin the globe and point to a destination on the map. Wherever your finger touches is where you’ll spend your vacation. This is an exciting and spontaneous way to spend some recreational time during the year, and is also educational if you happen to choose a location that you’re unfamiliar with.

You’re never too old to learn how to play a musical instrument; now’s the time to do so, if you’ve been putting it off. When asked, most people will say that they always longed to play a particular instrument, such as the piano or the violin. Dedicate yourself to living out this dream now that you’re 50! Don’t let the adage about needing to spend years to learn a certain instrument intimidate you. What else will you be doing with that time? Do it in honor of your celebratory year.

Write your memoirs or – if you aren’t a gifted writer – hire a ghostwriter for the task. This is a great way to remember and document your road in life, and will provide a wonderful gift for future generations who may be interested in their genealogy. You can even have this published and give copies of it as gifts to various family members. There are a number of smaller publishing companies who will do this for you, provided that you cover the cost of printing.

Explore a new hobby, such as Community Theater or spelunking! Any ongoing interest that can serve as a hobby will do, but make sure that it’s something new to you – something you wouldn’t have done prior to this. Perhaps you’d like to take a painting class or train for a local marathon. The activity itself doesn’t matter, as long as it provides exciting entertainment for you. For that matter, you can invest your time in a hobby that you can enjoy with a loved one rather than taking on the hobby as an individual.

Audition for a local radio station that’s dedicated to reading to the visually challenged. There are a number of such stations and, if you hold a successful audition, may even find yourself in a regular slot each week (or more than once a week). This is your chance to realize your moment in the limelight! Of course, others will benefit greatly by this humanitarian act, so the benefits are twofold. If your task should be to read literature, as opposed to newspapers, you may learn a thing or two, as well. You’ll have the opportunity to read classics that you may never have read.

Resolve to overcome a phobia. If, for instance, you have a fear of water, make plans to take a boating trip. If heights are a problem for you, take the bull by the horns and make arrangements for a day of bungee jumping. Whatever your particular fear happens to be, take positive steps toward working past the obstacle so that you can enjoy a happier, fuller life.

If you’re social life has been lacking, rent a cabin or lodge and invite your closest friends for a fun-filled weekend. This will help to get you back into the social scene, as well as provide an entertaining couple of days for friends whom you haven’t spent time with for awhile. The possibilities for fun are endless when a group of friends get together in an exciting new environment. Since everyone will bring something to the social table, you may find yourself participating in activities that you’d never considered.

Pay a visit to your local travel agent and book some time during the year to participate in a week-long murder mystery vacation. Choose an exotic location – one that you’ve never visited – and become part of the story. If you’re able to do so, invite at least one friend or family member. These types of vacations are always better when they can be enjoyed with others who are familiar to us. If that’s not possible, don’t worry – you’ll make new friends during your week as a sleuth!

Go on a safari! This is a marvelous way to spend part of your 50th year. You’ll get to travel to a foreign location, learn new customs and traditions and even experience a bit of dangerous excitement. Make sure that you book a safari vacation that will be as interactive as possible. If there’s one out there that will allow you to help feed the animals, go for it!

Whatever you choose to do, make it a true celebration of your life. A 50th birthday is considered a milestone for a good reason – you’ve experienced a lot of life and have learned a great deal along the way. Now, it’s time to enjoy what you’ve learned!

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