True insight of Pakistani and Foreign Dramas

Once upon a time, a very long time ago there was only Pakistan Television Network with its awesome programs. In the haloed realm of 80s PTV dramas were the main source of entertainment for the people. But with the passage of time numbers of private channels were launched with remarkable source of entertainment.
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Pakistan and Damas

This growth of new channels gave our entertainment industry a new jolt. Preference towards Pakistani drama’s was at its peak when some of the private channels start launching Indian and Turkish Drama’s as a result our drama’s are facing problems. Ishq-e-Mamnoon, Manahil aur Khalel, Fatima Gull, Noor came, aired and magnificently dominated the Pakistani drama industry. All TV channels are promoting foreign dramas with Urdu dubbing and telecast them at prime time.

With no doubts drama-watchers have awesome fellow feelings for the foreign dramas. If you conduct the critical analysis of foreign dramas the only difference is in appearances and location with number of resemblances in storyline.

Turkish dramas are schemed on one flavor. There is repetition and plays are monotonous. That is all story revolves around the hero, heroin and violin with his/her dirty politics to get marry with the hero or heroine. Similar the case with Indian dramas as all dramas have only certain zest that is Saas Bahu politics. In contrast to foreign dramas Pakistani dramas are full of excitement, thrill, suspense, romance and humor.

From Damas to Pakistan

Let’s start with Hum Network for the whole week they provide such a wonderful entertainment. From Monday to Sunday everyday there is novel exhilaration in company of mix spices. In contrast to foreign entertainment industry we have really vast numbers of competent actors casted in dramas so we don’t have uniformity in characters. Humsafer, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Yha pyar nahi hai, Bari Appa, Kahi un Kahi and many more are pure amusement for us highlighting the issues of Pakistani Society with their prons and cons. Similar the case with other two top rank channels that are Geo and ARY Network.

These channels are also entertaining their customers along mix colors of life. Mirat ul Aros, Yeh Zindagi Hai, Daam and Main Gunahgar Nahi are block buster drama serial of Geo and ARY respectively. Pakistani dramas are featuring the true picture of our society catching the sentimental of people from different economic classes.

Our entertainment industry is not only focusing on the fashion, life styles, luxury and glorious activities they are featuring the true insights of our lives that is joy of little happiness and support of people at difficult phases of life.

So simply Pakistan entertainment industry with no doubts is one of the most remarkable industry offering the awesome work with little resources.

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