Top 10 body language clues to look for to show a man is interested on a date

Easy ways to tell how interested he is before he even says a word. Use this easy to understand guide to read his body language.

What is he really thinking? Have you ever asked yourself that question ladies? Sometimes it can be quite difficult to determine if your date is really interested or he is just pretending to be. His body language is almost always a surefire way to tell exactly how interested he is. Just by paying attention to certain movements and gestures you can determine not only if he is interested but, his level of interest. Here are the top ten body language clues to look for and what they mean.

One: The Eyes.

This is perhaps the number one teller of a man’s interest. When the two of you are engaged in conversation, is he looking directly into your eyes? Direct eye contact says that he is paying close attention and wants you to know it. If there are moments of silence where he is keeping direct eye contact, this is a definite sign of interest.
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Do not fret if your date has his eyes turned away from you however. Looking at objects on the table or starring at his beverage does not necessarily mean he is not into you, this could be a sign that he is feeling intimidated by you or that his general self-confidence is low.

If you spot your companion looking at other women as they pass or come into his view, this is often a sign that he is keeping his options open or is still undecided about his interest level in you.

When you ask him a question, where are his eyes looking just before he answers? The left side of the brain is the factual side where all our memories are contained while the right side is the creative side. So if he is looking up and to the right, chances are he is creating an answer.

Two: Head position.

Is his head tilted to the right or left? An unsupported head tilt while looking at you is a very romantic look. He is bearing his neck and making himself vulnerable to you. In this position he is broadcasting possible romantic interest.

If your date is supporting his chin with his hand he is considering and thinking about you, while a palm supporting his left or right cheek is a sign of tiredness and boredom.

A head tilted towards the floor with a hand on the face indicates embarrassment, if this seems to be for no apparent reason it is possible he just had a thought that caused the reaction. If his head is just leaning forward to the point of hiding his face, he may feel frightened, intimidated or possibly even inferior to you.

If it seems he is tilting his head back more often than not while looking at you there is the distinct possibility that he feels superior to you in some way. Frequent head turns for extended periods of time show that he is barely interested at all.

Three: Arms.

Are his arms folded on the table in front of him while talking or listening to you? This is a sure sign of interest in your intellectual side. His hands being folded over the mouth is a sign of deep thinking and meditation. If you see him folding his arms across his chest this is a sign he is shutting off. He is locking himself up and not letting anyone in. When he spreads his arms wide open or stretches them out frequently he is being receptive and opening up to you.

Clasping his hands together onto his lap and keeping them there or placing his arms stiffly at his side is a sure sign of being nervous.

Four: Torso.

How far away or how close is his heart from you? Leaning in close is shows intimate interest in you; he is moving his heart close to you. Leaning away or keeping back shows a cautious man who is uncertain and careful.

Five: Legs.

Are they crossed? This is a position that displays a relaxed state. Legs that are spread or open are indicating sexual interest.

Six: Voice inflection.

A man who speaks clearly at normal tone is confident in what he is saying but, If your date is speaking to you in a soft and deep tone or borderline whisper he is speaking just for your ears and has more than just a passing interest in you.

Seven: Fidgeting.

He is playing with the silverware or rolling his beverage between his palms; this is telling you that he is thoughtful of his situation with you. Do not mistake fidgeting for disinterest in you. Ask him what he is thinking about.

Eight: Fiddling.

When you see your date spending the evening fiddling with is clothing, hair or jewelry it is a signal that he is more than a little nervous. Before you can get a bead on how he really feels about you, he is going to have to be reassured and calmed down.

Nine: Posture.

Is he tense, stiff and ridged or is he relaxed and loose? A relaxed posture shows that he is comfortable with you and feels at ease.

Ten: Contact.

There are three basic hugs that men give; the first is the one armed hug usually given from the side. This is a hug that says, “You are nice but I am not interested in you right now.” The second is a two-armed hug with full body contact, this hug says, “I would like to pursue this relationship.” And the third hug is the lasting hug. This is a long embrace that says, “Take me, I am all yours!”

Practice spotting these signs and experimenting on your own so that when you need them in a real dating situation you will be proficient at reading what he is really saying before he even speaks.

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