Tips for easy, glamorous, but inexpensive prom hair styles and accessories

Prom hair styles and accessory ideas

The prom is one of the most memorable events in your life, so what you wear should be just right. While shopping for that perfect dress is the most important, accessories put the finishing touch to that Belle of Ball look!

The style of dress you choose will determine the accessories you purchase. If you have a lavishing, fancy dress, then a simple hair style and simple accessories will complete and balance your look. If you have a simple, basic dress with less lace, decorative beads, chiffon, etc. then dressing up your accessories will do the trick.

The fancy dress:

Long hair:

Whether your hair is curly or straight, you can put a simple sparkle clip such as one with beads, rhinestones and/or pearls as an accent

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Prom hair styles and accessory ideas

Or, for this length of hair you can simply apply a little bit of pomade into the palms of your hand and crimp sparingly over damp hair while you blow dry with a low setting. The outcome will be a billowing head of tendrils that are simple yet glamorous.

Medium length hair:

Curly hair:

If you’re going to wear your curly locks on prom night, it’s best to leave them without any clips or accessories. A lot of sheen in your locks will reflect the light and show them right off!

Straight hair:

If your hair is curly and you’re wearing it straight on prom night, use a dime full of non frizz serum to keep flyaway and frizz to a minimum and to boost up shine. This also works for naturally straight hair as well. However, you’ll want to use less frizz serum to prevent build up, and that weighed down look.

A simple rhinestone clip or satin covered clip along the hair line frames the face beautifully. It’s simple yet accents the lavishly decorative dress.

Short hair:

If your hair is curly or straight, layered or bobbed, you can wear clips or barrettes, or a headband as long as it is simple. For example, one color, less decorations, i.e. rhinestones or beads.


A sweet gold or silver strung necklace with a reflective stone pendant and matching bracelet should be sufficient. Remember, you want to wear your most noticeable jewelry on your best feature. For example, a sterling silver necklace with a crystal pendant will draw attention to your neck and shoulder area.


For a fancy dress keep the shoes and purse/clutch simple. Strappy shoes or plain are best. The less decorations on the purse/clutch and shoe, the better.

For the simple yet sophisticated dress:

Long hair and Medium length hair:

Curly and straight:

Because you have a simple dress, you can dress up your locks a little bit more. You can put a fresh flower in your hair. (Fresh Lilies or Orchids are wonderful and very exotic looking!) You can color coordinate the flower along with your dress.

*Note: To keep a balanced look, if your dress is one solid color you may add a flower that has two or several colors. If your dress has more than one color, then you want to keep the flower one solid color.

Another way to dress up your hair without going broke is adding ribbons to your hair. Ribbons aren’t just for little girls anymore. If you wear a braid at the nape of your neck, tie streams of ribbons at the end of the braid. For a ponytail, you can tie the ribbons at the base of the ponytail to form a flowing mane of ribbons.

Short hair:

For short hair, whether curly or straight, you can dress your hair up in an elaborate headband, and barrettes. You could even make your own headband for a more personal and expressive touch. You can purchase an inexpensive headband at any discount pharmacy or hair accessory place. Go to your local craft store or discount store, and for pennies on the dollar have fun and choose flowers, beads, various colored rhinestones, etc. and decorate the headband as you wish with a hot glue gun. (You may need adult supervision in order to operate the hot glue gun.) You can even gather up your girlfriends the weekend before prom night, and do this together for some girls’ night out fun.


Depending on how fancy your hair accessories will be, will determine how you choose the rest of your accessories. Remember, you want to balance out your look and not overly accessorize, or look overly made up. You want to look polished and well put together on your memorable night. If you go for the fancy headband or barrette, then you want to tone it down a little bit on the rest. If you have a very decorative hair accessory that really stands out, then you can even skip the necklace and go for a bracelet, ring and an anklet depending on the length of your dress. It’s ok to skip one accessory or the other.

Shoes and Purse/Clutch:

For a simple dress you can purchase a more elaborate shoe and purse/clutch. A shoe with rhinestones and decorative heels and straps go great with a simple dress. However, skip the anklet if your shoe is fancy. The fancy shoe compensates for the anklet accessory. Only wear an anklet for a simple styled shoe.

Your purse should match the color of your shoes; however it isn’t necessary as long as the purse is within the same color family as the shoe or the dress. For example, if you’re wearing salmon colored dress and off white shoes, you may want to have a peach, beige or tangerine colored purse or clutch.

Whether you choose a long or short dress, simple or fancy, don’t be afraid to experiment with accessories to find just that right look for you. You can be creative and let yourself shine through your own look and expression. You won’t get that look on just one try so keep trying, but most of all, have fun! This is your special night!

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