Tina Fey is Back on the Big Screen with Admission

Tina Fey is back, making us laugh again with her latest movie Admission. The 30 Rock star was sensational in her gig as Golden Globe Awards host, but now she owns the spotlight with her latest movie that also stars Paul Rudd. Admission, Fey’s first movie after almost three years, will also feature the man who made I Love You Man and Knocked Up compelling. Just by watching the trailer, it can be seen that Fey and Rudd have good chemistry. Fey is as charming as she always is and Rudd was able to channel his bachelor look effectively.

For you to see what I mean, take out your laptop (the one that you ordinarily use to play at Cheekybingo.com;; and check out the film’s trailer on Youtube. In order to make time on your laptop more optimal, you can play more online games to win cash which you can spend to see Admission. The film will come in cinemas this March, and it’s all about an admission officer from Princeton University, Portia Nathan (Fey), who is bound to get her most awaited promotion. To get what she wants, she was left with no choice but to grab the job at an alternative high school, managed by her old college friend John Pressman. At the school, she will meet Jeremiah Nat Wolff, an ultimately gifted boy who Pressman assumed is Portia’s son whom she gave up for adoption way back. As the story progresses, Portia finds herself bending the rules for Jeremiah and putting her dream job in peril. Soon, she will discover things that are worth more than her desired career. She’ll be dragged in a ride that’s full of romance, family values, and life satisfaction.

The film’s plot takes on a very sensitive topic: a woman who gave up motherhood just because she’s not yet ready. What’s more intriguing about this flick is that it will be told in a comic way. If you saw Tina Fey’s Date Night, you will know why Fey was selected for the lead role. Tina Fey is Back on the Big Screen with Admission

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