The story of MacAfee

MacAfee is considered as the master mind in anti-virus. We have seen him and known him through the various technical columns. However a bizarre incident has made him being charged for a murder case! Yes, this software icon has been accused and has been held responsible for the murder activity of his American neighbour. He has been asked to report to Miami for attending the questionnaire.

Mac Afee The story of MacAfee

Mac Afee

Gregory Faull, a citizen of the United States of America was found to be dead last month and MacAfee was held responsible about the death. Gregory was a builder by profession. He had his occupation in Florida. However, being MacAfee’s neighbour he had a bitter argument over the rancorous dogs.  Gregory was found to be dead on the isle of Ambergris Caye. When MacAfee was asked about his know bouts on this murder case, he completely denied on doing anything like this.

However, the case did not end there. The policemen and the concerned authority wanted to grill everything out of MacAfee. Thus, they had him make come all over to Guatemala. After having a thorough conversation with the investigators, they did not seem to be happy. Samantha Vanegas, who is the girlfriend of MacAfee, was also arrested. This was queer. They are known to have a twenty year old relationship and they were arrested from a hotel room and were charged of being entering the country illegally. The lady and MacAfee had to face a lot of legal complications before the judge ordered them to leave the country immediately. This was shameful but MacAfee told the reporters that he was contented with the fact that he is coming back to his home. MacAfee was asked about why he was flying over Miami to which he answered that he did not have any other options for any other flight which would fly directly to the United States. He was not comfortable of the fact that he had to stay or halt at any other airports. MacAfee is already known for his mastermind over the anti-virus software and is undoubtedly an international figure. It has become very cumbersome for the person to take the unnecessary obligations.

MacAfee was sent to stay behind the bars for seven days when he was arrested with his lady. They were allowed to fly to their land after the punishment. In some other interview, MacAfee said that he was tired of travelling over rivers and jungles and badly need some time for his own. He wanted to fly with Samantha but according to MacAfee they were not allowed to and is hoping to meet her somewhere in the United States.
Belize’s prime minister has also made his points clear to the reporters where he clearly stated his doubts about MacAfee’s mental condition. He even addressed MacAfee as a “paranoid”. On the other hand MacAfee is known to have led a peculiar life after he had sold his shares to the software organisation and it has been named after MacAfee. However, MacAfee has returned safely to America despite the several odds and that what is most important!

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