Thailand: Protesters Targeting Lecturers in South

Separatist rebels in Thailand’s southern edge provinces would immediately end assaults on teachers plus other citizens, Human Privileges Watch told today. Meanwhile January 2014, rebels have killed three cultural Thai Buddhist educators in the fight-ridden region.

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Protesters need to halt attacking these whoever are educating kids,” said Brad Adams, Asian director. “Protesters in southern Thailand are obliging war crimes whenever they kill and injure teachers and other citizens.”

Under the regulations of armed fight, which are appropriate in the fighting among the protesters and Thai administration forces in southern Thailand, measured assaults on civilians are war corruptions. Thai specialists should examine and suitably punish security militaries committing misuses during processes in the south.

On March 20, protesters shot dead Somsri Tanyakaset, 39, an educator at Kok Muba Alliance School in Narathiwat region’s Tak Bai district, whereas she was on her way home. On March 14, protesters shot 43-year old Siriporn Srichai whereas she was riding a motorcycle to effort at Tabing Tingi Communal School in Pattani area’s Mayo district. The attackers then emptied gasoline on her physique and set it on fire. A booklet saying, “This violence is in vengeance for the killing of guiltless people,” was established nearby. On January 14, 2 days in front of the National Teacher’s Day, protesters shot Supakrit Sae Loong of Ban Nibong School in Yala area’s Kabang district whereas he was riding a motor cycle from school back home.

Nationalist forces have murdered at least 171 teachers plus torched or detonated grenades at more than 300 administration-run schools in 10 years of insurrection in the southern edge provinces.


The Patani Freedom Fighters in the loose net of the nationalist National Revolution Front-Coordinate (BRN-Coordinate) have trapped teachers while wandering to and from their schools, plus killed them in their class rooms and accommodations. The protesters say that they objective teachers in revenge for violence dedicated by Thai safety forces and pro-administration militias in contradiction of ethnic Malay Muslims. Protesters also attack teachers plus government-run institutes as a part of their movement to eradicate signs of the Thai state-run and drive the Thai Buddhist populace out of what protesters entitlement is Malay Muslims land.

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