Swimwear fashion tips: Does your body fit a bikini right?

Should you or should you not buy a bikini? Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a swimsuit.

For most women, picking the right bathing suit can be a trying ordeal. If you yearn for a bikini, there are plenty of styles from which to choose. The trick is being honest with yourself and trying on a variety of styles to find the one that looks the best.

Women come in all different shapes and sizes and so do bikinis and two-piece swimsuits. But most women are not model thin and, unfortunately, many of the suits in the stores were designed for a size 2! In fact, the average size of most bikini wearers is size 10. But don’t give up yet. Designers and manufacturers have begun to acknowledge the fact that the majority of women are size 14+ and bathing suit styles are also beginning to reflect that reality. There are so many options today that finding the right suit is just a matter of knowing what to look for.

Choosing the best swim suit for your body type Swimwear fashion tips: Does your body fit a bikini right?

Swimwear fashion tips: Does your body fit a bikini right?

If you are large-busted, look for a suit with a structured top that has a good built-in bra. It should offer enough coverage so that you do not have to worry about “falling out” of it! It should also have straps that will support you and not break. Or try a sports bra type top that has some structure. This is a great look and often can be pair with boy shorts for a real athletic look.

If your abs are not toned or you have stretch marks or scars, go for a “tankini.” This suit offers the best of both worlds – the coverage of a one-piece suit and the flexibility of a bikini. Many of these suits are paired with swim shorts and offer a real sporty look. The top can also be worn with pants or capris. These tops are also great for the woman who does not have a well-defined waistline.

If you have a small bust, you are in luck. A neat little triangle top is perfect and can be combined with the right bottom to fit your figure type. Again, avoid boy shorts if you are heavier in the hips. You can also wear a halter style top or bandeau style top.

Bottoms are trickier. Women who are “bottom heavy” or have larger thighs shouldn’t assume that boy shorts will look better. They may tend to accentuate the hips and a higher cut bottom will actually minimize the hips. Today, many suits are available as separates and you can mix and match tops and bottoms that will fit you perfectly. Go for color or a floral design on top with a solid color bottom. This will draw the eye away from your hips. Another option is a swim skirt. This offers the most coverage and does not bind the legs.

Always try on a suit before buying it. Don’t assume that sizing is the same from brand to brand or even within the same manufacturer. Don’t limit yourself to one size either. A size 12 in one line may actually be bigger than a 14 in another or vice versa. You don’t want the suit to be too big or too small. With swimwear, there is a marked difference in sizes between lower-priced suits and those that are more expensive. A less expensive suit may also not hold up as well in chlorine or with multiple washings.

To make buying a swimsuit less traumatic, try not to go shopping when you are feeling bloated or pre-menstrual. You will not get an accurate feel for how the suit will look normally. Make sure you use a three-way mirror to check yourself out from all angles. Also check to see that the back covers you comfortably. There is nothing worse than having to be constantly tugging at the back of your suit! Sit down with the suit on to make sure it doesn’t ride up or bunch. Bend over to ensure that the top holds you firmly in place. Silly as it sounds, jump up and down a couple of times to check your “jiggle.”

The latest innovation in swimsuit shopping is the online “virtual model.” The user enters their body shape, bust, waist and hip size, height and weight. A quick click of the mouse will create a model that resembles your shape and size. From that point, you can select different types of clothing, including swimwear and “try them on.” One such site offers three-way views of the model. This certainly helps when selecting a suit to order online and several of the best-know mail-order houses have introduced this feature.

With so many different styles available, you should have no problem finding just the right fit for your own particular body type.

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