Sunless tanner basics: What are the ingredients of the best self tanners?

The ingredients and traits of the best sunless tanners.

To sunless tan is the best way to tan. Your skin will thank you later because you’ll forego saggy skin with uneven color, pre-mature wrinkles, age spots and skin cancer. It’s the safest and only way to go for beautiful bronzed skin, without harming your skin. If you’re scared you’ll look orange, not to fret, sunless tanning creams are better than ever. Onlookers will think you took an exotic vacation – maybe St. Tropez? Let them think it, while you turn your bathroom into a bronzing oasis sans the harmful rays of the sun? You decide.

The key to a natural looking tan is a great product and skilled application…

First you have to pick the right color. Do you have porcelain skin or a naturally olive complexion? If the label says deep or dark, these shades look better on people that naturally have an olive skin tone. If your skin is light similar to Kate Winslet’s, try the lightest shade. If you are somewhere in-between, you can’t go wrong with the medium shade.

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Sunless tanner basics

The right ingredients are key. Do you know what you’re putting on your skin? It makes a difference. Sunless tanners should have dihydroxyacetone, a.k.a DHA, which is the active ingredient found in sunless tanning lotions, creams and foams that is FDA approved. DHA works with amino acids and proteins to tan the outer layer of skin.

You’ll also want to stay away from artificial fragrances. Less is more concerning sunless tanning. Products with natural moisturizers such as aloe are also great for the skin. And, you can’t go wrong with tanners that are enriched with vitamin A or E (layman’s terms), or referred to as retinal of tocopherol on the product’s label.

Choose a Spray, Lotion or Foam? What do you prefer? Do you want your tan to last longer? Then go for the cream. Aren’t a pro at application – the spray or foam may be better for you.

To get the smoothest application possible, clean and exfoliate your skin. This will make it so you won’t have an uneven tan because snake-like dry skin doesn’t take well to a sunless tan. Try a loofah scrub brush and shower gel with micro-beads for best effects, to slough off dead skin cells to reveal beautiful tan-ready skin. Also, apply with care hard-to-tan-evenly areas like knees, elbows and ankles.

Wear Gloves. Say no to uneven copper palms! It’s as easy as cleaning your hands as soon as you are finished applying the cream. This is an easy one, but the one many people forget!

Let the self tanner dry. Don’t get dressed right away. Allow about 30 minutes for the tanner to dry. Getting copper tanner on that new crisp white pantsuit would be horrible! If you’re patient, that tan will look flawless and real.

You still need sunblock. Just because you’re tan now without the sun, doesn’t allow you to stop using sunscreen. You’re already saving your skin by using sunless tanner. Using at least an SPF 30 can shield you from harmful rays and help protect against aging faster than you should.

When you’re done, you’ll enjoy glowing and radiant tanned skin without spending all day in the sun and without getting sun damage. The best part is, you’ll never have to think about those premature wrinkles because you won’t have any with this safe beautiful tan! Now get self-tanning!

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