How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur When You Are Young

Patricia Lim is a rising female entrepreneur in Thailand. We have conducted an interview with the young woman and a few others, Jan P. and Arisa L. C. on the topic of being a being a successful entrepreneur and a good CEO and some of the advices that they could spare young upcoming entrepreneurs. Ms Lim is seen as a business guru in her surroundings whereas Jan is a young upcoming restaurateur and Arisa aspires to start her own optical shop in the coming few years. We met at the restaurant of one of Ms Lim’s hotels owned by the Privileges Group and run by the successful founder herself.Patricia Lim young business woman How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur When You Are Young

Ms Lim is just about 26 years old and she has already set up about 4 hotels in Pattaya. There are more coming and she has started making a name for herself in the community. She is branching out to many other locations by basing her other projects in Rayong and Hat-Yai. When asked concerning her success and how she has managed to run her business so successfully, the young entrepreneur states “I nearly gave up every now and then, but I had a plan and I stuck to it”.

That’s when Jan chipped in “Great entrepreneurs are not quitters”. The thirty-year old owner has been in the business for about 2 years. The restaurant was willed down to her by a childless uncle. “I had no clue on how to run a restaurant, but I made it happen. I was persistent, I was willing to learn and do my utmost best. On the worst days, I did not give up, I was in the kitchen helping the cooks!”

Regarding the next question on what makes a great leader, Arisa says that she believes great leaders do not just command, instead “they lead by showing”. She states that as an employee in a small optical shop in Bangkok, she finds that her boss can be quite rude and downright inconsiderate. “It’s no surprise that I want to leave this job, I often tell my mother that when I set up my business, I will be considerate to my employees. I barely get any locals, my boss thinks that we have to work during lunch hours even if it’s not my shift and the horrors do not stop there.” When asked why she decides to stay, “It’s hard to find a job right now, I will just try to accumulate a capital before I decide to go into this venture”.02. How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur When You Are Young

For her part, Ms Lim states that she believes that it helps and it is alright if the boss is involved as an employee. One of the aspects that gave her new insights on how to run a hotel was when she was an observant of another grand luxurious hotel in the capital of Thailand, “I started having different insights on how a hotel is run. It’s easy when you are at the top.”

To answer the question on how they juggle work and life, Jan states that as a restaurateur, it is quite hard to distinguish between the two. And the other two nod their heads. “I go to sleep at 2am every morning,” says Ms Lim, “I start the day checking the maids’ inventory, I go check on the hotel accounting, listen to the employees even though I have no direct contact with the hotel guests, I have to make sure that they have a pleasant stay at the hotel. There are days when I even forget to take my lunches!”

“But”, says Jan, “I have taught myself to cut off from this world.” She states that it is quite tempting to eat lunch at the same time when she is doing the numbers, or while she is taking orders for an event. Now, nobody is allowed to disturb her during lunch hour, she sometimes even lets the calls go to voicemails. “I feel better when I have these me-moments I feel more productive and a whole lot better and readier to perform”.

To help her with heavy schedule, Ms Patricia Lim says that she has a nap in the evening before she resumes work again. “Running a group of hotel can be exhausting”, says Ms Lim, “but if you put in your efforts and don’t quit, the ultimate reward is the satisfaction of fulfilling your dream.”

Great entrepreneurs do not just happen, but they are understanding, they are considerate and they know where they are going once they have set a goal for themselves. These three young aspiring and upcoming entrepreneurs have given us some insights on what makes a great leader, namely, patience, perseverance, a good attitude and some personal time! Do you have what it takes to be a great leader?

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