Spanish wedding traditions: Clothing, flowers, food and decorations

This article gives you a little background about spanish wedding, the clothing, the food, and the decorations.
The Mexican wedding is a very festive event, and is very large in attendance. The groom presents 13 coins to the bride before the ceremony. The coins are a promise of marriage, and become a family heirloom. The priest blesses the coins before the ceremony and gives them to an attendant. The attendant places the coins on a silver tray. The priest makes a cross over the groom’s head and both the groom and bride kiss the cross. The kissing of the cross represents faithfulness to each other. Around the necks of the couple in a figure eight, the priest will place a large rosary of beads.

Madrinas and padrinos are the attending people at a Mexican wedding. The bride will wear a lightweight silk or lace scarf that covers the head and the shoulders and a dance style dress with ruffles, and she will carry a fan or flowers. The groom will wear a white shirt, tight pants and a short jacket that stays open in front. The bride’s maids wear white cotton dresses with very bright colored sashes like orange, red bright green, and blue. The groom’s men wear white shirts and tight pants and sashes to match the bride’s maids. The flower girl and the ring bearer are smaller versions of the bride and groom.
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The flowers used to decorate in a Mexican wedding are white daisies, or white zinnias. The white flowers are in bunches at the end of the pews, and at the front of the chapel. There are red rose pedals thrown down for the bride and groom to walk on. They use white linen tablecloths, and very bright colored plates and napkins. You can decorate with a very large straw or felt hat, which has a very broad brim and is very tall called a sombreros. They hang very colorful Piñatas for the people to try to break later. You can also decorate with silver since silver is very common in Mexico. After the ceremony, the wedding party and family get together for a special dinner, which could include salsa, burritos, enchiladas, chili and Spanish rice. There could also be tamales, guacamole, chimichangas, corn, and tostados. They will make some of these items hot and mild for the attendants who need a milder food.
The drink served at the reception is a red, or white wine mixed with brandy, sugar, fruit juice and soda water.

The wedding cake is usually a fruitcake soaked in rum. They usually serve the traditional Mexican wedding cookies. Sometimes they will make the cookies wrap them in a starched fine net of silk, rayon or nylon, and hand them out to the guests.

Most of the weddings use mariachis as the ending of the ceremony, and they have a dollar dance. All the guests gather in a heart shaped circle around the bride and groom for their fist dance. The attending men at the ceremony pick the groom up and toss him into the air as a send off to his new life.

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