Some great tips and ideas for unique invitations to announce your tropical theme wedding

Ideas for tropical wedding invitations

Ahhhh, a tropical wedding… You and your sweetheart have decided that your wedding will have a tropical theme. Why shouldn’t you? You’re a laid back couple, perhaps you met on the beach, perhaps you both love the ocean, you both surf, perhaps neither of you wants to wear stuffy formal attire and march down the aisle to an organist’s tune. Fine, it’s your day, and it’s all about capturing the spirit of your love. There is no better way to set the tone for your wedding than the invitation. The invitation not only tells who, what, when, and where, it also tells how. That is, the way in which you will be exchanging vows. In this case, you and your fiance are tying the knot with a tropical flavor.

A tropical or beach wedding is out of the ordinary. It’s fun and exciting, shouldn’t the invitations follow suit? Take this opportunity not to send ordinary invites, but truly set the tone for the event. Here are a few ideas for those of you who are saying “I do” surrounded by tiki torches, a roasted pig, sand, bare feet, and coconut cocktails galore.
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The most basic way to add a tropical touch to your wedding invitations is to simply dress up a traditional invitation. For example, use a funky font or add a starfish border. Choose an invitation with a picture of a Hawaiian hibiscus or a surfboard. Some more expensive stationers can provide gorgeous invitations featuring tropical clay flowers tied on with “mermaid hair.” These invitations, while they are in the form of traditional invitations, will still let your guests know what kind of wedding you will be having.
Perhaps you want to send a seashell with each invitation. You could insert a card that says something like, “Hold closely to you ear and listen. Hear that? Cindy and Dave invite you to hear the real thing at their wedding at Fredrick Beach on June 17, 2005…” or “The love Carlos and Anna have for one another is more powerful than the greatest ocean waves…”, use your imagination to play with the ocean theme.

If your wedding is in Hawaii, or if you and your hubby are honeymooning on the Hawaiian Islands, or if you want to have a Luau-type celebration, you could always use Hawaiian names on your invitations. You can use one of several free websites to find the Hawaiian translations of your guests’ names and of your own names. Also, you can add Hawaiian sayings, such as “Ua ola loko i ke aloha,” which translates, “Love gives life within.” If you are serious about a Hawaiian tropical theme and you are planning to create your own invitations, most Hawaiian clip art software can be purchased for around $40.

Cute phrases go a long way with tropical invitations; your imagination is the only limit. It is easy to play on words with this theme, for example, “Benjamin and Sarah invite you to kick off your shoes and join them on a the beach as they dive into a commitment of love, faithfulness, and life together,” or you might prefer a poem, such as

“Wiggle your toes in the sand,

Dance under the moon to a tropical band,

Walk by the ocean,

And sip on a potion!”

Be as creative as possible, your guests will love it and will appreciate your ingenuity.

For the super-creative, paper invitations simply will not do. If this includes you, how about a message-in-a-bottle invitation? You could hand deliver (or mail in heavily padded packaging) a weathered-looking clear bottle with a cork and a rolled up scroll inside with the wedding info on it. The scroll should be on parchment paper with worn edges. There is no need to do this yourself; paper can be bought this way. Another idea is to send the beach to you guests. That is, send a glass bottle half-filled with sand, seashells, etc., and for RSVP cards, include a postcard from a tropical locale!

It is often a good idea, when having an outdoor wedding, to include a “rain card.” This is a card that tells where the wedding will be held if, heaven forbid, it rains on your wedding day (knock on wood right now). Whatever you decide, the invitation is the perfect way to set the vibe for your tropical wedding. Give your guests (and yourself) a wonderful memento of this unique event.

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