Simple and elegant wedding party favor ideas

Ideas for beautiful yet simple wedding favors for your guests.

The wedding bug is in the air and countless couples are making plans to marry. With all the hustle and bustle of preparation for the big day, time management and stress relief become major factors in the planning process. Take a load off and consider some beautiful yet simple favor ideas to give your guests a lasting impression.

To forever link your guests’ gifts with the blissful memories of your wedding, consider having a tasteful inscription engraved on the items you present to your guests. By simply having your names and the date of your wedding inscribed on the articles, your guests will have no problems recalling your first happy moment as husband and wife.

Taking the memory association one step further, choose a beautiful scented candle in a votive or a fluted glass as a charming wedding favor. Literally thousands of fragrances are available to select your favorite one. Match the colors of the candles to your bridal theme or vary them for a splash of extra color. Coordinate the colors and fragrance with your bouquet if you would like to share that level of intimacy with your guests. Your guests will most likely be pleasantly reminded of you and your sweetheart whenever they burn the candle.

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Simple and elegant wedding party favor ideas

Another beautiful inscribed option could include a champagne glass or a wine glass with your names and the date, a personal quote, verse or a lyric that is special to you and your love. To add a dash of creativity, fill the glasses with candy, mints, or even hand-poured candle wax. A clever idea for romantic weddings: customized candy hearts could spell out your love, your names, the date and more, and they may be available online if purchased in bulk. The candy may not last, but the sentiment will endure for a lifetime.

Custom-printed shot glasses also serve as a useful trinket for your guests to enjoy at home. Whether they are enjoyed in their own purpose, collected or used as paperclip and coin containers or paperweights, attractive shot glasses will not get filed away or forgotten.

For holiday weddings, consider a delicate Christmas ornament with an elegant inscription. Porcelain bells, doves or a simple glass ball would serve as a beautiful reminder of your enduring love.

To further brighten even the sunniest of days, think about giving your guests a brilliant sun catcher to hang from a window in a sunny location. The beauty and magnificence of the sun catcher will be a proud reminder of your happiness together, and a nice addition to any room in a home.

If financial concerns prevent certain wedding favor options from being realistic, plenty of low-budget alternatives are available to those harboring creative minds. Magnets are useful reminders of your special day and reminders of important things hanging on the refrigerator. Custom-printed bookmarks give a unique visual element to the favors your guests take home. Finally, for perhaps the least expensive trinkets of all, consider small plastic champagne glasses with candies or mints inside. Cover them with beautiful sheer netting and decorate with a ribbon bow. If you wish, design miniature cards to connect to the ribbon, thanking your guests for their love and support, or simply stating your name, the date and a line of verse.

If you do not wish to give a wedding favor at all, consider donating money to an appropriate charity in the names of your guests! If a particular charity hits close to home, write a check for the amount you would wish to spend on wedding trinkets for your guests and present it to the charity in honor of those attending your wedding. This may not be a gift your guests can take home with them, but it conveys a more important emotion than any little magnet or shot glass could express.

Finances and creativity are the only limiting factors to the endless possibilities of small but meaningful gifts you could give to your guests. The love and support shared amongst everyone present at your wedding are the most priceless and important gifts of all.

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