Short hair styles: How to keep a very short hair style feminine

Tips on how to keep very short hair feminine when choosing hair styles.

Long hair can often be tiresome to care for. As busy as today’s women are, they are more often inclined to wear their hair in a short cut, simply as a matter of convenience. However, it is still important to feel like a woman, and so the question remains. How do you keep short hair sexy and, of course, feminine? There are many things you can actually do with short hair, depending on your creativity, but there are three methods that appear to be extra easy.

One simple idea is to keep short locks curly, but do not make the curls too tight. An afro is definitely not the look most of us are aiming for. You want just enough to frame your face and soften it a bit, then you can toss in a few curls throughout the rest of your hair to things up.

This romantic look can be achieved by heating a medium sized curling rod and loosely wrapping the front of your hair around it, or rolling your hair in big heated curlers. When you are done you will need a styling product to set your style, preferably a hairspray, or a mousse made specifically for a soft style. Just add your product, run your fingers through your hair, and you are done.
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Some haircuts may be too short to sport spirals, but generally, even though a cut may look ultra short, there is enough to work with. If not, there are others styles that should work for you, such as accessorizing. Ultra-mini hair clips decorated with glitter or flowers can be really fun to experiment with. You can place them in a row across the front of your hair, like a strategically placed headband, or you can arrange them more randomly. The only purpose they truly serve is for decoration, but they’re fun and easy.

To add true flare, grab some texturing hair balm, and separate and twist several sections of your hair into a sassy spike. If you would like to go for a more sophisticated do, you might want to try a single elegant hairpiece, like a pearl decorated bobby pin. Place it in one side of your hair any way you want, although this style would best suit a side part.

The third, and one of the most flattering solutions for a short, yet glamorous, mane is the layered look. The best way to achieve this look is to have a layered cut, of course. Those who already wear their hair in layers can really define them by going over each one and curling it under ever so slightly with a large ironing rod.

However, you can achieve a temporary layered look even if you do not want different hair lengths, by using a curling iron, preferably large. The best way to liven things up is to flip your hair outwards, instead of curling it under. Just start with a few pieces in the middle of your hair. You will see what looks good and where to go from there. It all depends on what you like.

You could wear one big layer, where a complete portion of your hair is shorter than the rest, or do a couple strands here and there for a fly-away effect. An extra-strength hairspray is needed to finish up this particular style, though you will want to avoid using too much. A couple quick sprays should do the trick.

Whichever style you choose, rest assured, your hair can be ultra-short and ultra-alluring at the same time. Just remember that the same rules you apply to clothes shopping should also apply to finding the hair style that fits your needs. The way clothes should flatter your figure, is the same way a hair style should flatter your face shape, and reflect your personality. If you are comfortable enough to go with your own judgement, that self-assurance will add a shine you never noticed before, not only to your hair, but to your attitude as well.

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