Shia LaBeouf’s Replacement

sh Shia LaBeouf’s ReplacementAn awesome change! , won’t exactly be the words of someone coming to know of the change in Broadway play “Orphans”. Ben foster whose been seen on HBO series ‘Six feet under’ has been hired for ‘Orphans’ to replace the ‘Transformers’ star Shia LaBeouf.

Shia LaBeouf

Ben Foster, the replacement, yet hasn’t played as a professional actor in any play, though. He will start his rehearsals on Friday, when a day before the producers announced this change.

The biggest reason behind this change was publicized through twitter messages from Shia LaBeouf, stating it as an incompatibility issue with his co-star Alec Baldwin. Daniel Sullivan, Tommy Award Winner, producer of the play blames no one but himself, in being wrong about the cast selection.

In his email to Mr. LaBeouf he resolves the matter by writing “I’ve aged enough to deal with unsettling attitudes, You and Alec is two great actors. It’s my fault; I should’ve foreseen the differences between you guys.”

Labeouf’s email

According to Mr .LaBeouf’s published email exchanges on twitter account, creative differences arose between him and Mr. Alec Baldwin, who is playing the role of a wealthy businessman, Harold, who gets kidnapped by Treat, the quitted character of Mr. LaBeouf. Both the men are rumored of peppery nature, Mr. LaBeouf had been in the headlines for picking up bar fights and getting arrested, while recently Mr. Baldwin has said to get engaged in a row with a photographer from the NY Post.

Conflicts between the two hot headed cast members rose to a hype resulting in Mr. LaBeouf’s quitting. After his departure, in an email exchange, Mr. Baldwin told Mr. LaBeouf  “I have had such situations before also”, relating to his previous play’s actress Jan Maxwell, who like Mr. LaBeouf couldn’t find workable compatibility with Mr. Baldwin.

While this hot news steamed out through Mr. LaBeouf’s twitter published, email exchanges, the director,  producer or Mr. Baldwin even, prefer to shun any remarks on Mr. LaBeouf’s abrupt exit, also Mr. Sullivan declined to any interview requests.

Unfortunate for the Broadway play, despite the awesome acting of Mr. LaBeouf, circumstances led to opt for quitting in the middle. However in a telephone statement Mr. Baldwin said,’all the crew of Orphans, including him, aren’t pleased at Mr.LaBeouf’s gesture of publicizing his personal emails.’

Another email, published on twitter by co-star Tom Sturridge, playing the role of Philip, who’s Treat’s younger brother, wrote to Mr. LaBeouf “in my opinion, you with your hard work on this play, have made Orphans, worth the value, it otherwise doesn’t  deserve” complimenting Mr. LaBeouf’s work in such awesome remarks.

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