Selena Gomez Replaces Miley Cyrus in Hotel Transylvania

It is indeed surprising to know that the actress cum singer Miley Cyrus, famous for all her glitz and glamour, is no more going to work with the manager of the upcoming vampire movie, Jason Morey. And that she has been replaced by the stunning Selena Gomez.

selena gomez Selena Gomez Replaces Miley Cyrus in Hotel Transylvania

selena gomez

Miley, according to the news, would no more be working with Jason in the approaching vampire movie Hotel Transylvania where Adam Sandler would be playing the role of the Dracula who is the main character. Miley, would have been the daughter of Sandler in the movie had she been a part of it but news has it she got replaced by the beautiful actress Selena Gomez pretty swiftly.

The reason as to why such parting between the young 19 year old actress and the manger Jason took place has not been revealed as yet. It might be just an ill-fated state of affairs; bad luck is what some might call it. Or chances are it is just the lack of professionalism on part of both the parties. Nothing is said to be apparent.

It has been in the light that Miley has not been serious about her work lately and that it has always been these parties that topped her priority list. These party habits of Cyrus are what most people blame for her unprofessionalism.

All the birthday parties that she throws or that her friends throw at her are full of such dishonorable activities and that said, she herself admits when she says of how much she gets to smoke too much weed when her friends throw her birthday parties. She also, had been found to be using certain slang words not appropriate for pu

Selena Replaces Miley in Hotel Transylvania Selena Gomez Replaces Miley Cyrus in Hotel Transylvania

Selena Replaces Miley in ‘Hotel Transylvania

blic use. Later, her representative, tried to mellow the situation down by saying that all that she said was nothing but a gag.

Rumors about Mileys’ attitude and unprofessional behavior are everywhere now. In support of her purity, her representative was like it’s not at all possible for someone to do all that work which

Miley does, while doing such stuff.

Miley had been doing some really good stuff after leaving Disney and her movies show up the effort she had been putting. Based on all these, it is likely that Miley would be found in the secure zone and that the jury might not go against her.

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