Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber : “Jelina” split rumoured to be permanent!

The sizzling hot relationship of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber was lately among the top Hollywood gossips. It seems like the so called “love” of these two love birds has changed its directions now.

Justin Bieber 2 Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber : “Jelina” split rumoured to be permanent!

Justin Bieber

The relationship of Justin Bieber

In Hollywood, only fewer relationships exist for a long time. It usually happens that here we hear about the hot, passionate affair of the celebrities and the next day we hear about their split up. Same case happened with these two young celebrities of Hollywood.

It is rumoured that the relationship existed because of Bieber’s needs, whereas Selena didn’t seem to have any need like Bieber wished for. Now, she claims that she found the relationship like a big mistake and she would never like to repeat the mistake again. Well Bieber! The gossip has surely earned you a lot of attention, but please! People get tired of reading and hearing the same gossip again and again. So, please try to find another young celebrity of Hollywood to seek further attention of the people.

Plus, another thing which led to “Jelina” breakup was that Bieber was constantly caught up with other girls. According to Selena, Bieber is just an attention seeker and he is not respectful towards their young love. Boys are always like that Selena! And when it comes to a celebrity, you have to expect everything from them.

Justin Bieber as a star

After continuous break ups and reunions, Selena decided to end their relationship as she didn’t find any reason to stay with Bieber. They went on a vacation to Mexico in December, and that’s where their so called love reached its end.

Poor young artists do not know that the world of movies and televisions is full of drama and actions and love scenes. Let’s hope that the recently broken up couple find alternative way of diverging their attention from their recent heart break.

Well! It is only the time which will tell us the situation of these two boosting young celebrities of Hollywood. Let’s just hope that they both understand that love does not happen for forever. It’s like a drug which although numbs you for a time being, but does not cure you completely!


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