Secrets Of The Beauty And Makeup In 2013

It is said that much like a bright smile, beautiful skin can help you give an awesome expression. However, it is very much tough to maintain this expression since our beauty and skin demands a lot of care. The natural way to maintain your skin is to have plenty of water, nutrients and rest. But sometimes along with all these we need to use some cosmetics to fulfill the requirement our skin which otherwise are not being fulfilled.

kristen stewart Secrets Of The Beauty And Makeup In 2013

We many times are ignorant of the fact that which products we should prefer for our beauty regime. We in order to avoid expenses go for such products, which turns our skin even more worst and that is the biggest problem we are facing these days. Hence, much more money spent to cope up to deal with these new problems. Therefore, it is better to spend it once and for goods sake. With every passing day, new trends introduced in the world of makeup for formal (wedding), semi formal (parties) as well as casual (office) looks.

Many articles relating beauty and makeup written in different magazines and are published online. The present day makeup and beauty icon is ‘Kristen Stewart’ who is doing the lead role in the Famous Twilight Saga. Kristen is supposed to be the girl who is an unconventional beauty icon. God has bestowed natural beauty upon her but the way she enhances it with the makeup is definitely awesome and commendable.

Her makeup artist the all time famous ‘Beau Nelson’, gives her the most natural look possible using her makeup too. Another famous beauty icon is ‘Katie Holmes’ who is said to be blessed with flawless skin. She too works a lot on her skin and provides it with all the necessary nutrient and care it needs. According to her, she uses the best of the products just not for makeup but for before and after makeup products too.

Another beauty icon considered is Penelope Cruz, this Spanish woman, who is 38 years old and a mother of a kid too yet looks stunning. Many beauty magazines have declared her as the most gorgeous woman on the planet.

According to her she do not wear makeup while not working other then the basic moisturizer, which is an all time need of skin along with little blush, mascara and lip-gloss. She says that our skin needs to breathe so avoid all time makeup and let the natural beauty flourish Further adding she said she do not go for a diet rather eats all the healthy food she wishes too.

I think when you are beautiful at heart you automatically look beautiful. Therefore, to look awesome along with all these products a happy, healthy, peaceful life is necessary along with our internal beauty.

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