Run For Life

This song makes you feel like you can’t escape it and that no matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to get away with it.

To Run

mu Run For LifeSomeone is right behind you and has all his eye over you is what you start to feel at the beginning. Whatever you do, wherever you go, that thing would stick with you till it’s the end and you have no other option than to give in or surrender. Everything goes crazy right at the moment the music begins and you so want to die or just want to wake up with your eyes seeing yourself at a much safer place than where you are present at the moment and there, you see around you, nothing but hopelessness and a world of despair.

It takes you on an endless journey where there is no coming back and the amazing beats of the song actually get inside your head and might stay there for days making you ever more active and smart just like you need to kill that beast. The massive base of the track makes it ever more haunting and catchy. So much more attractive that one is unable to forget the beats for a couple of first few days he has given a listen to it.

Run for Sport

The music has all the ecstasy, thrill and action besides the suspense and apprehension created by it and can make suspense or a thriller movie ever more anticipating. It makes one think everything that goes on in the movie is actually going on around and makes one feel the things the way they could have been in the real world. This is how it is at the beginning.

Gradually you think of the beats that get higher to be as if someone is following and that makes the suspense get even higher and everything starts to get even scarier than it was in the first place. Things don’t seem to be good. It’s nothing but you alone and the darkness that falls around you. You feel like having nowhere else to go. The beats of the music make your heart beat grow faster and there is nowhere possible that might prove to be a life saver.

This is how the movie gets ever more interesting and the suspense of the viewer gets to increase at a much faster pace. This big scale track is meant for not just thriller or suspense but for action and adventure too. The track sounds creepy at first and gradually, gets creepier.

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