Romantic wedding proposal ideas: Marriage proposals should be romantic and unique

Marriage proposals should be romantic and unique. You should think about your past as a couple, and try to integrate special memories that you have shared into your proposal. You should also pick the perfect time, the perfect setting, and the perfect words for the occasion.


Whether or not the two of you experienced love at first sight, lust at first sight, or a zero feelings whatsoever at first sight, recreating the day you met is a great way to propose marriage because it symbolizes the day that your paths crossed for the first time, and your lives were forever changed for the better. Maybe the two of you met in school. If so, blind-fold your sweetheart, drive her to the school, and escort her to a pretty spot on the school grounds. Get down on one knee, and let her remove the blind-fold. Talk about the day you met, and how you wanted to bring everything full-circle, then talk about how much you love her and the memories you have shared. Blind-folding the person really adds a whole new dimension of surprise to your proposal. If the two of you met on a blind date, take her out to the same restaurant where you met for a romantic meal followed by an incredibly romantic proposal, right in front of everyone else at the establishment.

Romantic wedding proposal ideas 150x150 Romantic wedding proposal ideas: Marriage proposals should be romantic and unique

Romantic wedding proposal ideas


Your first date marked the official start of your relationship together, so it is easy to see why recreating your first date is a very romantic way to propose marriage. If the two of you had a “dinner and a movie” first date, then you should try to recreate the evening at home. Cook the same foods as the restaurant served. Rent the movie that you watched that night. After the movie is over, get down on one knee, make your romantic speech, and pop the question.


If your girlfriend has talked about any romantic dreams that she has had, try to make her dream come true for your proposal. Maybe she told you about a dream she had that the two of you were picnicking on a beach. Take her for a romantic picnic on the beach – bring a basket complete with wine, wine glasses, dinner, and some dinner rolls. In the dinner roll that you will be giving to her, hide the engagement ring. It will be incredibly romantic when she bites into the bun and finds the ring. This has been done on many sitcoms over the years, but it works for your own real magic, not just television magic. When she finds the ring, get on one knee, take the ring from her, and propose.


If your lady loves attention, then a public proposal might be just what the love doctor ordered. There are many great public proposal options. If you are sports fans, you can work it out with the sports facility to display your proposal on the big screen. If you like to see live comedy, talk to the club owner about calling you up on stage so that you can make your public proposal.

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