Rihanna steals the show again

Gossips about film stars or politicians are nothing new. Rihanna seem to be snatching the lime light every time she is seen in public. The rock star and the idol of many young stars have recently been seen to have made a tattoo drawn at some place of her physique.

Rihanna Chris Brown Rihanna steals the show again

Rihanna Chris Brown

There has been no doubt about the fact that Chris brown and Rihanna were going out together.

Not only the videos on you tube and on the other networking web sites prove the same but the couple have been seen to have going out together in number of occasions. Starting from the local channels to the international news medium, the performers have made their appearance together for a number of times. Recently, the reports from tweeter say that she has made a tattoo where the word “breezy” is inscribed. This is supposed to have been done in order to impress her so-called boyfriend Chris brown.
The public reports say that she has declared about the breakup of Chris and her. However, the reviews, videos, interviews and other pictures do not suggest the same. They seem to be together yet aloof and the new tattoo is the proof of the same. The newspaper reads that she is back to Chris and this time they are determined to make this relationship worthwhile. For those who are unaware of the fact, Chris is very much used to the term “breezy” as he calls his fans “the team breezy”. Though the tattoo is nothing new on Rihanna, still this time it is considered to be special. Otherwise she is almost covered by other eighteen tattoos and the “breezy” is the 19th one. Last September, she made a tattoo which is the Egyptian lord and is supposed to symbolise rebirth. It also symbolises the feminine power.
Her recent tattoo has not yet been seen properly but she definitely has tweeted a very beautiful black and white snap of hers. After her grandmother, dolly, passed away, she made a grand tattoo on her chest. This was dedicated to her grandma. There is a rumour that is almost coming true that Rihanna likes to flash her figure even while performing. His army of fans thus love to see her on stage.
Rihanna’s’ latest snaps have been taken by GQ magazine and has been photographed by Melissa Forde, who is supposed to her great buddy. The snap was taken where she was wearing absolutely nothing on the lower half of her figure and the upper contour also did not contain many threads. The less-bottomed Rihanna has been seen to pose for the magazine Instagram where she supported her body over the knees. The other snaps for the magazines carry her different moods. She has been seen with her black cropped hair. She has posed with cigarette and a glass of wine. She definitely knows how to increase the temperature of the viewers and the readers! Her performance wrapped in seduction another reason for the huge fan following she has all across the globe.

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