Rihana tweeted About ‘Sex Dreams’ — Delivering Chris Brown a Message?

Rihana is the queen of subliminal Twitter Messages, so when she tweeted “Last night…. You were in my Sex dreams!!”, along with the couple other suggestive Tweets on 20th September, we couldn’t help but wonder if she was sending ex boyfriend Chris signs that she wants him back between her sheets.

 Rihana tweeted About ‘Sex Dreams’ — Delivering Chris Brown a Message?


Rihana has been alone for a while, so we’re not surprised that she seems to have some pent up sexual energy right now. The Unapologetic musician took to Twitter to share her personal feelings about sex, also tweeting that she “could give a f**ck about foreplay.” Wow! Rihana is clearly feeling frisky- it is for her ex boy friend?


The 25 old singer has never been shy about expressing her sex desire, but she’s taking it to a whole new level with her scandalous tweets. On September 20, she tweeted You were in my sex dreams!!” and in case that wasn’t clear , she followed up with another tweet, saying that “I could give a ph**k about the foreplay. I want it now”.


Wow! Rihana is telling it like this!. But who is she talking to ?while those messages could have been meant for anyone, it’s tweet she sent out in between that made us think she was talking about Chris. “ you”ll never leave me.. You”ll always be part of the person I” become!” Rihana tweeted on September 20.


Chris, 24 is her first love- may be even the love of her life. They have been through so many so many ups and down together and Rihana has confessed that she will always love Chris. So it may be impossible that the above tweet could be meant for anyone else!. Is she reflecting on both her emotional and physical relationship with her ex- boyfriend and thinking she might want him back?it surely looks that way to us!.

Chris gave Rihana necklace another sign that he still cares when she stepped out on Sept 3. wearing a necklace that he once gave her a romantic gift.


Rihana said “every girl has had the moment when she’s got her ex on the mind and did something about it,” this was one of those moments for Rihana. She already knew what people would say and doesn’t give a f**k”.


“like Mel told her, F**ck what people say. “she wore it. She liked it. She ‘s entitled to have one those moments. It ain’t the first. And it won’t be the last”.


Online fashion site told Rihana has no intentions of rekindling her romance with Chris, but we’ve also knowing that her love for him will never fall.


The sources said “that will never change” “she’s going to always love him regardless” how sweet!.







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