Relationship advice: How to improve your relationship with feng shui

Advice on applying the simple philosophies of feng shui to your relationship with your partner to improve intimacy, communication, and love.

Feng shui (pronounced as “fung shway”), is an ancient Chinese practice of arranging your living space to optimize the benefits of nature’s positive energy. Called “Chi,” this energy is the life force that feng shui practitioners believe is present everywhere. This art encourages using specific colors and elemental symbols to promote the easy flow of Chi through the home and allow its positive and balancing power to be incorporated into every aspect of life. Literally translated, feng shui means “wind” and “water,” corresponding with the eastern philosophy of Yin and Yang — opposite forces that work together to create a sense of harmony in nature.

The basic principle of feng shui revolves around the five elements — fire, metal, water, wood, and earth — which are brought into the environment in a variety of ways. Called the Nine Basic Cures, they are changes that can be made around the home to enhance Chi and dispel negativity. Among its many applications, feng shui can be used to improve relationships, enhancing romance, happiness, and loving feelings. The southwest corner of the home is considered the Marriage/Relationship Corner, and more specifically this corner of the bedroom is focused on where relationships are concerned. The following is a guide to incorporating each of the Nine Basic Cures into your own bedroom to create an eastern “love nest” every relationship can benefit from.

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The feng shui colors of love are white, pink, and red. White is a symbol of purity and fertility, concepts that are vital for conjugal bliss. Incorporate this color into curtains, bedspreads or wall paint to encourage fidelity and growth in your marriage. Pink is used to enhance feelings of tenderness and is associated with attractiveness. Pink sheets and pillowcases, paintings of pink paired flowers, and rose quartz crystals hung in windows are easy to incorporate into the bedroom. Red, the color of fire, is also the color of passionate love and will help enhance spice in bed. Keep in mind that red is also associated with anger, so do not use it too freely; a white comforter decorated with roses, a pair of red candles in the southwest corner of the room, or a red wall border can be used to add fire to your bedroom and your love life.


Water is a symbol of money, and it’s free-flowing presence in the bedroom can be of great use in a relationship that has financial tension. Running water enhances Chi so that prosperity and blessings can grow, much like a plant with abundant water blooms and flourishes. To invite prosperity into your love life, add a small water fountain to your bedroom. Its delightful sound and movement will circulate money Chi and will help relieve the financial stresses that can burden partners’ love.


Adding light into the bedroom, either natural or electric, is an excellent way to revive a relationship that feels tired. When choosing light for the bedroom, remember to keep it dim. Lamps with low wattage, especially those with pink or red shades, are an ideal choice for creating energy in you love life. Floor lamps, lit candles, and windows with sheer curtains are all excellent options. Avoid bright overhead lights or excessive brightness from any light source, as they can turn excess energy into tension that will hinder the growth of romance and affection.


Reflected light guides Chi around the room and deflects negative energy in the environment. In your bedroom, try placing a circular or oval mirror on the wall — circles symbolize beauty and completion in feng shui. From an interior design perspective, adding mirrors in a small room will also give the impression of a larger space. Just be sure that your room is as uncluttered as possible as this will block the easy movement of Chi, and if your mirror reflects these messes it will have doubly negative effects. Also, avoid placing mirrors over the bed as it can result in negative feelings between partners.

Moving Objects

Like water, circulating air benefits the movement of Chi. Open a window in your room to allow a warm breeze in or use a ceiling fan to move the air. Place objects light objects like sheer curtains or reflective crystals around the space that will billow and dance in a gentle breeze. This movement will help deflect negativity and create happiness.


Crystals are thought to possess the ability to attract and refract positive energy. Hang them in a sunny window or from a light fixture in the bedroom to cast brilliant rainbows and Chi about. Many-faceted circular prisms are often used for this purpose. You can also incorporate rose quartz, thought to bring luck in love, romance and family happiness, into your living space. Any crystal in the shape of a heart is also symbolic of romantic love and is a welcome addition.


One of the most important ways to increase love Chi in your partnership is to take advantage of the power of sound. Like crystals, sound dispels negative energy and attracts the positive. Hang small wind chimes or tinkling bells around the room in a place where a breeze can release their sound or where you are likely to brush by them. If you would rather, you can also play light, romantic music in the background to enhance an amorous mood.

Statues and Figurines

It is vital to place symbols of unity and enduring love around the room to create positive emotions in a relationship. Try using figurines of animals that mate for life (dolphins and mandarin ducks, for example) to emphasize your goal of a life-long love. The ultimate symbols of eternal unity are the dragon and the phoenix; to the Chinese they represent perfectly paired opposites: fire and wood elements as well as man and woman. Arrange these statues in the southwest corner of the bedroom.

Living Plants

Certain plants are considered excellent enhancers of love Chi. While it is difficult to choose indoor plants that will be hardy, consider and enduring species to represent a lasting relationship. Also try to incorporate the color pink (peonies, chrysanthemum) as well as dried flowers that maintain a red, pink, or white color. It is easy to incorporate dried flowers into a beautiful wreath. Keep in mind that any dried plants should only exist in moderation, as they are dead and can ward off Chi.

With these simple suggestions and guidelines, it is definitely worth experimenting with the benefits of feng shui. Whether you expect results of a mystical sort or just hope to add an element of romance in your relationship, you can count on having a serene and beautiful bedroom retreat that your lover is sure to respond to.

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